The Twilight Saga

Name all the twilight items u have



2 t-shirts
2 posters
1 cutout
1 jacket
both movies
3 tickets to Eclipse for June 30 (i only need two)
box o chocolatesa (had)
1 callender
1 twilight venom lipstain

1 twilight choker

the books of course

i team edward charm braclet



i think thats all

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1 T shirt
4 Posters
The DVD of new moon
1 hat (It was a regular white hat that I stole from my big sister and wrote on it:I love Ed&Jack ♥)
one ticket for Eclipse movie
53 little pictures that I putted on my wall.(the posters are on the door)
All the books in the saga (Besides The short second life of Bree Tanner) on Hebrew
Twilight&Eclipse on English.

what do you think? XD
OMG that is mean and funny let me know how it works out
I only have the books and movies and th new tote bag of Edward on it. I need to start buying stuff.... now that i have a job, i probably will be able to start buying stuff.... please help me out here where I can find those stuff especially the twilight venom lipstain and jewelry and clothes! thanks
thanks Mrs. Bella... what about clothes?
You can find alot of Twilight Merchandise at Hot Topic
thanks Danielle. Hot Topic is like almost 3 hours away from me :(
Wow. Well, you can always find alot of stuff online
yeah that sucks. I used to shop at Hot Topic all the time in Iowa. I can't seem to find the store Spencer's either. :(
Check a local mall maybe, most of the ones by me have them
have no clue where mall is LOL
you don't have any malls by you? if not, online's the next best place. has a whole Twilight store
I am not from this area. LOL. I haven't done alot of shopping except for Walmart. LOL


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