The Twilight Saga

                                                          1. Arrival

           This was gonna be a nightmare. Me going to live with my father. I couldn't believe my mum had subjected me into staying with my dad. I mean didn't she know the danger that I was going to put him in. I was a vampire and me going to live with my dad was just insane.

The plane landed and I got down. I went to get my luggage and put them in a trolley. I heaved my bag and put them onto the trolley and pushed it outside. I found Charlie standing near the bars and went over to him.

"Hey Bells."

"Hi dad",I said glumly.

"Now I know you're not thrilled to stay with me, but I miss you. It's been such a long time since I last saw you ",he said.

" It's not like I'm going to change anymore, is it?"

"Well, let's get going. I want to talk with you",he said.

"Right", I said. I couldn't even imagine myself sitting in the car with him. His scent was so mouth watering, but I controlled myself saying that he was my father I couldn't kill him.

My dad was the Chief of Police in Forks - the place where I was gonna live for the next two or three years. I was to go to school which only had a freaking total of three hundred and fifty seven - now fifty eight children. As I was thinking through this my dad asked me.

"So how is Enric?"

"He's fine. He'll be coming over here in a couple of days",I answered him. Enric was my elder brother. He and I were pretty much close since he was the only person I'd mostly spent time with.

"It's good to have him here", he said. "So Bella, how would you like to go to school ? I got a truck from Billy, you know my friend who I went fishing with but now he's bound to a wheelchair".

"Oh. That's too bad and dad, I'd really like to run to school. I can reach there in plenty of time and there wouldn't have to be anything to worry about me because I can take care of myself".

"Alright then, and I guess you'll be having plenty of free time at night. So when are you going hunting?",he asked casually.

"Tonight". I said grimly. "Noticed how black my eyes are, that's wrong. They should be a light amber. Black means that I'll have to hunt pretty soon or else I might end up killing you, dad".

"Oh" was all he said. I had the feeling he was quite shaken up by what I'd just said.

It was quite dark when we reached the house. It was the same as before, nothing had changed - the kitchen cupboards painted by my mum years ago was still there. I went upstairs to my room. Everything here to was the same - only the crib had been removed and in it's place stood a desk with computer that looked well suited for a museum.

"So, I'll let you  unpack your stuff and get settled",he said leaving my room.

"Okay". One of the best things about Charlie is that he doesn't hover. I took my bag and started putting my clothes in my closet. I went to the bathroom and saw my reflection in the mirror. I didn't look like a girl who'd come from Phoenix. I wasn't tanned, well that I could not blame since I was vampire.

My life was going to be miserable. I was to live in a town where there would be constant rain and I was going to be a freak in my high school.I went down to prepare food for my dad.

Only when I opened the fridge did I realize that Charlie didn't know how to cook very well. I made a mental note to stock up the refrigerator on my way back from school.

"I'm going hunting, dad".

"Bye", he said.

I went through the back, going to the forest and then took off running turning everything into a streaky blur. It cleared my head a little when I was flying above the ground. I caught the scent of some elk and leaned into my hunting crouch.

         I was so full that I felt a little heavy but I knew that was just my imagination. I'd actually overdone it, in my attempt to control my thirst.

I really didn't want to go home so i decided to pay my school a visit at night. I found my way to the school easily. I looked at it in dismay. The school was so small, it wasn't even the size of my junior school back at Phoenix. I walked up to the entrance and went to see the corridors. I found the window of the cafeteria open and silently leaped into the room.

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I agree, it flips the SM version for the way Toni, how is your book, "Moonlit Forest" doing? My book, "Immortal Relations" finally got someone (other than my own relatives) to review it on Amazon (who now has a policy that a reviewer has to have bought either the Printed [$8.95] or Kindle [$2.99] version to leave a review).



Thank you for asking.  It's been sold few times, but my publisher is what I am having a problem with.  Alot of my friends and their friends love my book.  It's just hard when my publisher is not doing the paying part.  :(

My publisher is pretty much ripping me off basically....

I am glad you are doing well!  My book is being sold on amazon.  :)

Yeah, I had ordered a copy from them even before it was available (I think I have one of the very first copies sold - if not the first copy). So, when you are as famous as SM, I'll be able to recoup my investment many times over haiving an "original Toni Whitmore"! :-) If you send me an eMail, I'll send you a copy of the first review by a "Paying Customer" on really makes me want to keep writing and fleshing out the story!

Nice to know!  I doubt I would be famous as Stephenie though :(  So you bought my book?  How cool is that?!  Did you enjoy it?!

I will email you shortly.... I have an aol e-mail :)

Yes, I liked the book and put something on Amazon (where I'm "the Major" - my military rank).

That was you?  :)  I responded to that review :)

Yeah, I remember...I look forward to reviewing your next book too! ;-)

sounds very interesting, great idea to twist SM twilight.  I like it.  please continue!

Thanks Guys . So now that u have got the essence of the story its going to get a little interesting. I am going to post the next chapter now. please leave ur comments to it.

2. Surprises

I walked across the linoleum floor of the room as I went  to the door. As I went by, a scent caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks. I turned and followed the scent and it took me to a table with five chairs. A normal human wouldn’t have found anything wrong, but I found it astonishing. Why, the scent was of five different vampires. Perhaps a coven. But the thought of a coven, that too with five was …….  . I let my thought trail off.

Then a grin stretched across my face. If a coven lived here, I was going to find them. Maybe if a few of my kind were here then school wouldn’t be so bad. I quickly followed the scent, leaped outside the window and took off running. The scent took me to a thick forested area and just when I was about to give up, a beautiful house up front stopped my breath.

It wasn’t like any other house I’d seen. It was three storeys high and the west side of the house only seemed to be made of glass. I walked up the porch steps and rang the doorbell. A woman with caramel coloured hair and a pale heart shaped face opened the door.

“Hi, I’m Bella Swan. So are you the vampire family?”

The woman had a dumbstruck expression on her face. From the looks of it, it was clear she was not expecting such an outbreak from me.

“I’m sorry if I scared you. I had gone for a night visit to my school. I couldn’t help noticing the scent and it naturally made me curious.”

“Of course, that’s alright”, she said. “I’m Esme and I live with my family here. Please come inside.” 

“Thank you and by the way you have a wonderful home.”

“Thanks so much dear”, she said. I walked into the house and took in all the grandness. It was clear they were very rich. And sitting in the living room were five youngsters.

“These are my children”, she said. She pointed to a boy with bronze coloured and introduced him as Edward, and then she pointed to a girl with inky black hair that was cut short and pointing in every direction as Alice. She was extremely small, almost pixie-like. The next one she introduced was a boy, but he looked more like a weight lifter, with dark brown curly hair. His name was Emmett. Next, came Rosalie who was blond with hair that gently waved till her shoulders. She was unbelievably gorgeous. And last was Jasper, who had blond hair and looked as if he was in pain.

A man came down the steps, obviously their father who had blond hair that perfectly matched his eyes and were a shade darker than his hair.

“Everyone, this is Bella Swan, daughter of the chief. She had gone to school and had caught our scent, that’s why she came here”, Esme said introducing me.

“Nice to meet you all”, I said. “I’m sorry if I bothered you, I was just a little bit curious as to know who was in the area.”Everyone were looking at me strangely and I didn’t understand the expression. “Is something wrong?” I asked. I felt uncomfortable with them staring at me, so I controlled their minds.

“Stop staring at me”, I thought. Everyone suddenly looked away.

“Carlisle, she’s gifted”, Edward said with a note of admiration in his voice. “She can control minds. Have you ever heard of such a gift?”Edward looked at me like I was the only person who could do that. Before Carlisle could answer I opened my mouth.

“I’m not the only one who can control minds. There are a bunch of other people too, and controlling minds isn’t my only talent. I can shield my mind; that is making it impossible to read or attack my mind like Aro and Jane.”I said all this very fast but I knew they could understand every word of it.

“You know the Volturi?” Carlisle asked strangely.

“Who doesn’t, I mean everyone knows them. They are the rulers or something like that in vampire world”, I said a little sarcastically.

“So anyways tell me about you, tell me about school and anything interesting”, I said. And so they launched into the tale about themselves, told me about school and what’s been happening here. They told me about the treaty they had made with the Quileute’s. By the end of the hour I had made firm friends with them. When it was about 1:00 clock in the morning I waved goodbye and went to my house. Along the way I kept thinking of the way Edward had been looking at me. I knew he was a mind reader and so I hadn’t let him read my mind and that had frustrated him to no extent. I smiled to myself and knew that I was going to have some fun with them especially Edward.

I spent the rest of the night getting everything ready for tomorrow. I wanted to be there before anyone because I didn’t want anyone to particularly notice that I didn’t own a car and start asking questions.

interesting.....different but good

Interesting take on the story.  I would like to know more about Bella and how she came to be like this.  Please update me!


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