The Twilight Saga

                                                          1. Arrival

           This was gonna be a nightmare. Me going to live with my father. I couldn't believe my mum had subjected me into staying with my dad. I mean didn't she know the danger that I was going to put him in. I was a vampire and me going to live with my dad was just insane.

The plane landed and I got down. I went to get my luggage and put them in a trolley. I heaved my bag and put them onto the trolley and pushed it outside. I found Charlie standing near the bars and went over to him.

"Hey Bells."

"Hi dad",I said glumly.

"Now I know you're not thrilled to stay with me, but I miss you. It's been such a long time since I last saw you ",he said.

" It's not like I'm going to change anymore, is it?"

"Well, let's get going. I want to talk with you",he said.

"Right", I said. I couldn't even imagine myself sitting in the car with him. His scent was so mouth watering, but I controlled myself saying that he was my father I couldn't kill him.

My dad was the Chief of Police in Forks - the place where I was gonna live for the next two or three years. I was to go to school which only had a freaking total of three hundred and fifty seven - now fifty eight children. As I was thinking through this my dad asked me.

"So how is Enric?"

"He's fine. He'll be coming over here in a couple of days",I answered him. Enric was my elder brother. He and I were pretty much close since he was the only person I'd mostly spent time with.

"It's good to have him here", he said. "So Bella, how would you like to go to school ? I got a truck from Billy, you know my friend who I went fishing with but now he's bound to a wheelchair".

"Oh. That's too bad and dad, I'd really like to run to school. I can reach there in plenty of time and there wouldn't have to be anything to worry about me because I can take care of myself".

"Alright then, and I guess you'll be having plenty of free time at night. So when are you going hunting?",he asked casually.

"Tonight". I said grimly. "Noticed how black my eyes are, that's wrong. They should be a light amber. Black means that I'll have to hunt pretty soon or else I might end up killing you, dad".

"Oh" was all he said. I had the feeling he was quite shaken up by what I'd just said.

It was quite dark when we reached the house. It was the same as before, nothing had changed - the kitchen cupboards painted by my mum years ago was still there. I went upstairs to my room. Everything here to was the same - only the crib had been removed and in it's place stood a desk with computer that looked well suited for a museum.

"So, I'll let you  unpack your stuff and get settled",he said leaving my room.

"Okay". One of the best things about Charlie is that he doesn't hover. I took my bag and started putting my clothes in my closet. I went to the bathroom and saw my reflection in the mirror. I didn't look like a girl who'd come from Phoenix. I wasn't tanned, well that I could not blame since I was vampire.

My life was going to be miserable. I was to live in a town where there would be constant rain and I was going to be a freak in my high school.I went down to prepare food for my dad.

Only when I opened the fridge did I realize that Charlie didn't know how to cook very well. I made a mental note to stock up the refrigerator on my way back from school.

"I'm going hunting, dad".

"Bye", he said.

I went through the back, going to the forest and then took off running turning everything into a streaky blur. It cleared my head a little when I was flying above the ground. I caught the scent of some elk and leaned into my hunting crouch.

         I was so full that I felt a little heavy but I knew that was just my imagination. I'd actually overdone it, in my attempt to control my thirst.

I really didn't want to go home so i decided to pay my school a visit at night. I found my way to the school easily. I looked at it in dismay. The school was so small, it wasn't even the size of my junior school back at Phoenix. I walked up to the entrance and went to see the corridors. I found the window of the cafeteria open and silently leaped into the room.

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I like it! I too would like to know how she was "changed", but I'm sure that will come out in the rest of the story.

who opened the window?

I was responding to S. de Toit (if that is the "window" you mean).

no I am refering to the caffetera window

great update!  can't wait to read your next one!

the window was left open by mistake anyway it is my imagination. i can't possibly post sum immediately.



                                                        3. First Day

Next morning I heard Charlie pull out of the curb and go to work. I got dressed and went to school in plenty of time. I went and sat at one of the picnic tables that looked as if it was seldom used. The sounds of cars coming up the path and the voices of people chattering reached my ears. I got up and went over to Edward’s Volvo. They had told me last night that they all travelled together to avoid suspicion. We walked in a close group and people’s heads turned to stare at me. I didn’t mind it though I would have loved to stare back at them.

“They’re wondering who you are, some of them know you and well……….the girls are jealous of you”, Edward said.

“It’s not the first time this has happened. I had quite a few friends back in Florida. If I am going to be a freak then my brother is going to stand out even more”, I said.

“You have a brother?” they asked me at the same time.

“Yeah. His name is Enric. His talent is to manipulate the minds, kind of like Jane, but then he uses it for a good cause. Also he can sense whether a person is lying or not. He’ll be coming here by tomorrow night. I would just love to see the expression on every girl’s face when he gets here. It’s going to be priceless.”

I knew they were curious to know who my brother was. But I wasn’t going to give away anything. Let’s see what they make of him. Probably I’ll take him to their house. When we reached the school building, they went to their different classes and told me they’ll meet me in the cafeteria at lunch. I made my way to the office to get the slip and my school materials.

The lady at the desk had a kind face but her expression told me that she wasn’t expecting Charlie Swan’s girl to be like this.

“Hello”, I said politely. My sweet voice caught her off guard. She scrambled and talked to me in a shaky voice.

“Hello dear. Here are your things and the slip. Get it signed from every teacher whose classes you attend and bring it to the office while going home. And here is a map of the school”, she said. I politely thanked her and went out of the office. She seemed in a hurry to send me off.

I made my way to my first class: English with Mr. Mason. It was all fairly easy Bronte, Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Faulkner. I’d already read everything and knew the whole book by heart. The bell buzzed off and I got up to leave. A boy with skin problems came up to me and introduced himself as Eric. Not wanting to sound rude I introduced myself and both of us went to our respective classes. I had Government with Jefferson which was about the boring subject ever. The rest of the day went in about the same fashion. My Trigonometry teacher, Mr. Varner was the only teacher who made me introduce myself in front of the class. I did so likewise because I didn’t want to end up having any friends at all.

When the bell rang for lunch, I picked up my bag and walked to the cafeteria with a girl who sat next to me in both Spanish and Trig. She was a foot shorter than me but her wild curly brown hair made up to it. Her name was Jessica and she went on and on about the teachers and other local gossip.

As we walked through the doors, I spotted Alice and her family having a table to themselves with a tray of untouched food in front of them. I got a tray of my own and excused myself from Jessica.

“Jessica, if you don’t mind I would like to sit with the Cullens. They’re my friends so please excuse me”, I said. I saw the shock cut through her face at the mention of the word Cullen. No doubt she must be wondering how a new girl like me could find friends, that too the Cullens. I took my tray of food and walked over to Alice’s table. I pulled up a chair and sat down next to Alice. I could sense all the heads of the students in the cafeteria was turned in my direction. I controlled their minds and made them look away.

“Nice way of getting yourself out of the spotlight”, Emmett said. “Thanks”, I replied. 

“So how is your first day so far?” asked Rosalie. “I made friends with a guy called Eric and a girl called Jessica. Maybe if I see a few others I might get to know them.”

And the rest of the lunch break passed on like this, all talking over something unimportant. Emmett had already challenged me to arm wrestling match tonight and I couldn’t say no. Alice was the first to leave the table with her tray of untouched food.

The shrill bell told me that I had to leave and get to my next class. I picked up my bag and waved a goodbye to the others and went to my biology class with Mr. Banner. I went in and introduced myself to the teacher and he sent me to the seat next to Edward. I hadn’t known until now that Edward was in my class. He smiled at me when I went to sit by him.

“Bella, please just let me into your mind just once?” he begged at me.
“Sorry. But I would like a little bit of privacy, besides even if I let my shield down you won’t be able to read me”, I replied.

“And why is that”, he asked a little frustrated. “This shield was something I was born with. Even before I became a vampire. Even the most powerful vampires haven’t been able to pry into my mind. What chance do you have?”

“Just let me try”, he pleaded with me. “Alright. We’ll do it tonight”, I sighed surrendering.

“Thank you”, he happily said. Unfortunately class was on cellular anatomy, something I had already learnt. Still I carefully took notes. When the bell rang Edward got up, waved a good bye at me and went to his next class.

A boy with a baby face came up to me and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Mike.”

“I’m Bella,” I held out my hand for him to shake.  

He gingerly took my hand and shook it. He suddenly shuddered and put his hand down. He was wise enough not to ask me why my hand was cold. He politely asked me if he could walk me to my next class. Not wanting to make a bad impression, I accepted the invitation. Along the way he kept asking me questions about my life before I came here. I tried to answer him as politely as I could but when things got a little personal I had to control his mind.

I said a hasty goodbye and went to my final class: gym. Mrs. Clapp found me a uniform but did not let me change today. I sat and watched four volleyball matches simultaneously. When the final bell rang I went to the office to return my paperwork. The rain had drifted away but the wind was much colder. Of course it didn’t make any difference to me. I went to Edward’s Volvo and waited for the rest of them to appear. When they came I waved them a goodbye and told them I would come tonight to experiment something. Edward knew what I was talking about and winked at me.

I went to the back of the school and looked about to see if anyone had seen me. When I was sure I took of running changing everything to a blur.    


Here's next chapter pls leave ur comments and tell me how it is !!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting take on Bella's first day.  I can't wait to see what happens with Edward and Bella's experiment!

love the update!  please post more again soon :-)

very interesting, i would love to read more about bella and how and when she was turned. Totally facinating, keep it going!!

Thxns guys and its going to take me some time to write the next chapter. Sorry but u'll have to be patient with me.


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