The Twilight Saga

ok guys we played the twilight wrong answer game now lets play twilight saga real answer game
example: What is Carlise profession?
answer: Doctor
and of course ask your own questions to continue   =D

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who is Edward?
Edward is a really cute vampire. I like him so much, I wish Bella was replaced with me!
Alice?? :)
Alice =D
Why does the Volturi want to destroy the Cullens?
Because of their "vegatarian" way of life and the power they get from being a family unit rather than just another coven. Plus they have major SKILLZZZZZZ (as Deigo would say) and Aro is a collector of SKILLZZZZ!

Q: Which shirt does Bella own that is her favorite?
Her favorite shirt was her red shirt that Riley took.
Edward Anthony Mason Cullen

Q: Who is Cynthia?
The Quileute tribe.

Q: What Bella wore on her b-day party??
He fighted wampire in London with his father.

Is it right ?
yep itz rite... :D

Q:who was carlisle cullen's first companion,whom he first bit and made a vampire?
What is Bella's favorite book? and Who is the author?


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