The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 

Book 1 Bella

Fresh start

I was laying in our meadow, Renesmee’s growing hand against my cheek. Renesmee was showing me how beautiful she though the meadow was. I knew this; I had been here with Edward millions of times before Renesmee was even born. It had been one year since our encounter with the Volturi, exactly one year. You would think there would have been some sort of celebration (Alice would be all over that) but I much prefer sitting in our meadow with Renesmee. Edward was hunting with Alice, Emmet and Jasper, while Rosalie and Jacob enjoyed insulting each other. Blond jokes, dog jokes, fur jokes, bloodsucking jokes, it amused them, and I could hear them all the way over here. Jacob had insisted on coming with me and “Nessie” he calls her but, I really just wanted to be alone. Then as Renesmee shifted positions her thoughts changed. Now her thoughts were full off Edward and Jacob. I grinned at her thought of them talking and smiling at each other. Then they changed again this time to Alice, Rosalie and me. Each image of us only smiling no bad thoughts. Then her thoughts were of Charlie, Sue Clearwater, Leah and Seth Clearwater, Billy Black, Esme, Charslile and lastly Edward and I kissing. Her last thought before she drowsed off was of herself, sitting on wolfed up Jacob staring at Aro, afraid. Then I finally understood her. She was telling me the thoughts she was thinking exactly a year ago from today. I suddenly felt like hugging Renesmee closer, but I didn’t budge from my position.

Later that night at our little cottage in the woods (which was still standing considering all that it has been through) I put Renesmee in her metal crib and sat on the meaningless, yet meaningful bed. Edward would be home in about twenty minutes. He was hunting grizzly (Emmet’s favorite) in California. I had hunted with Esme and Rosalie earlier in Colorado, which conveniently had a Mountain Lion problem.

It was about eleven-thirty by the time Edward got home. We lay in bed and listened to the soundtrack of “Phantom of the Opera” for hours. Renesmee showed no signs of waking. Finally, tired of waiting, I pressed my stone flawless body against his.

“Well, hello Mrs. Cullen.” He said, smiling my favorite crooked smile.

“Good evening Mr. Cullen.” I replied in a horrid imitation of a man’s voice. Then he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer. I knew I should be used to this by now, but being so close to him knowing that he is mine just makes me shiver. When I did shiver he pulled away automatically with an alert expression on his face.

“Are you alright Bella?” he asked me in his velvety voice.

“Edward,” I sighed “I am vampire, I’m practically indestructible.” I replied admiring my own sing-song voice.

“Prove it.” He whispered in my ear demandingly, politely as usual. Then I grabbed his arms, wrapped them back around my waist, and pressed my lips meaningfully against his all in one, swift half-second motion. That was one thing I would always love about being a vampire, the quick, flawless motions. Then Edward suddenly smirked. He was obviously reading Renesmee’s mind. We found a way for him to read my mind, but we agreed he wouldn’t read it if there was no reason to. Finally in a full on silent laugh Edward pulled away.

“Nessie has wakened; she wants to know what is taking so long for you to read her a story.” Edward said, knowing I had forgotten ages ago.

“Oh, I forgot.” I said lying. I had always been a terrible lair. Truth is I’d rather spend this time with Edward than read my smart little Renemsee “Hammurabi”, a book about the ancient Babylonian King. I just sat there staring at Edward with dreadful eyes.

“You know she falls asleep faster when you read to her. She likes the sound of your voice better.” I knew this but, I didn’t want Edward to put himself down. I loved him………………


“That isn’t true.” I half lied. It wasn’t like she didn’t love him at all. “Then I remembered his “gift”. Edward could read minds. I couldn’t lie to him about that, he could read Renesmee’s mind so even if I told him otherwise he would still know the truth.

“Ya, sometimes your gift backfires on you.” Edward said, forcing a smirk.

“I thought we agreed you wouldn’t read my mind unless completely necessary.” I sassed him. I knew sassing drove him crazy.

“Just go, Nessie is getting impatient.” He tried to change the subject, but when I got back we would talk more of this. I walked into Nessie’s room; she was standing upright in her crib. I knew Nessie had outgrown her crib, but we couldn’t find a metal bed for toddlers. Renesmee was almost two and the size of a four year old. She should be fully grown at the age of seven.


Im not done with this chapter yet, but I will be soon!!!!

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wow thats amazing u make my cousin and step cousin pretty good at sassy talk Ha Hah lol ;)
wow thats amazing u make my cousin and step cousin pretty good at sassy talk Ha Hah lol ;)

I really like the start of this story and hope you continue with it. I just had my book, "Immortal Relations" placed on Amazon.  Being retired military, the book has tactical warfare between good vampires and evil vampires, but ISN'T FOR CHILDREN, as it has some VERY ADULT CONTENT. I was told that the first copy just sold on AMAZON and I've started working on the second book in the series. Maybe you will be able to get your story published once you've fleshed it really feels great to get something you've created in print and I was told that my book will be available on "Kindle" in about four to six weeks (the first five days it is on Kindle it can be down-loaded for free). While I won't make any "Royalties" from that, I don't really care as I'd rather have the story out there to be read by adults (although making a little money would be nice). Best of luck with the rest of what appears to be a most interesting story!!

I Love It!!! Please write more!!!!

I enjoyed reading the story so far. I am looking forward to read the rest of it.

Amazing keep writing!!

Thanks! I working on the rest of the chapter right now!!!!

I really enjoyed reading your story!  please continue!


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