The Twilight Saga

hey everyone

here are some more pictures 100% made by me

so if your going to take them just make sure you say that I have made them if your planing on putting them on myspace/facebook etc.










heaps more are coming soon

tell me what you guys think??


also maybe post some pictures in the reply box of which pictures you would like me to edit

and then next time when i post my new pictures up you can see them

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I Think your pictures are awesome!
they are awesome!!!!!!!!!i especially liked the last one <3
please tell your friends about me posting pictures in discutions that they can have because i dont have many viewers
Hi Tam!

Your pictures are lovely. Mind if I grab the one on the very top? It's incredible.

I will just add it in my twilight picture collection. Thanks.

yeah sure take it
just say that ive made it though n your free to keep it
I def will. thanks tam!
You did a really good job i like them
so awesome!!
very nice pictures..
beautifull pictures !!!!!
i think the r pretty love to see more love twiligh pics!!!!!
I totally love the pics... you're pretty good..keep them comin'


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