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This can't be over rite when it's getting good.

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I wish SM would expand the story; however, I don't think she will. Too many writers feel their writtings will not be taken seriously if they don't do something completely different. A shame really; I say give the public the art they crave (and clearly the public WANTS THE STORY OF BELLA AND EDWARD TO CONTINUE)! My book,"Immortal Relations", is an ADULTS ONLY book about war between evil and good vampires and I'm working on the second and third in the series with no thought of stopping the story half way through...there are just too many possibilities to explore in the non-sparkling vampire world! ;-) 

 i really am a huge twilight fan iveread every single one of the books and wacthed all the movies so once breaking dawn part 2 comes out theres really nothing left for me to read that is twilihgt related i would love it if stephenie wrote more books but my mom had told me that she read that if she writes anymore books and makes them into movies she is not going to use robert pattinson cause hes getting to old so it just wouldnt be the same

SM unlikely has control over who will portray a character in a movie based on one of her books (Film Producers are often the ones who do that). Anyway, the cosmetics people can do amazing things, even with "an old man" (LOL) like Pattinson - so I doubt Pattinson would be out simple based on his "advancing age" ;-) However, it doesn't seem SM will develop the Twilight Series further, at least for the forseable future...I think she said she has to "feel it" in order to write (although that was a comment about finishing "Midnight Sun", which to my thinking would have been the best book of the Twilight Series as it will explain the prolonged, tortured facial feature on Pattinson's Edward)! 

They can make a movie of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!

I agree!!!!!!!!!

I'v been thinking this since Eclipse, its just not fair!!!** (child like tantrum happening lol)** what i think would be amazing if SM  wrote more about everyones relationships and how everyone is getting on, rather than another someone out to get them, id love to see how bella and edward get on with renesmee, and their relationship with jacob, i want to know what happens with renesmee and jacob, do they get together as a couple? or are they more like family? if they were together as a couple how would bella and edward handle it? and maybe more of a background on the others relationships with each other, stand alone novellas about alice and jasper, carlisle and esme, rose and emmett. maybe what alice and jasper did on thier travels to find nahuel. how does garrett get on does he stay with the denalis?

And what about the amazons do they go and visit as planned? renesmee and nahuel do they get to meet again? how would jacob handle that? would she want to be with nahuel if she only saw jacob as a brother figure?

there are just too many possabilities and unanswered questions to leave it where it is WE NEED MORE!!!!!! 

One thing i do hope though is that the film companies dont just take over and start making random ones because no doubt they will be rubbish to say the least, they just dont understand the characters well enough! anyway my thoughts are going on a bit now : ) hope to chat to you all soon


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