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hey guys! i just want to know out of curiousity, who would get a tattoo of edward, bella, jacob, etc or the book covers?!? no question about im gonna get one saying "I Am A Member of The Cullen Coven" for my 18th birthday :DDDD so how about everyone else??

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cool ima get a tatt dat says team edwrad and one dat says look after my heart ive left it wit u
i sooooooooo badly want to get a tattoo it is forever and twilight is in my heart forever i have given myself one million percent to twilight it surrounds me on my phone on my walls in the car on my computer, ipod,iphone my clothes ,pillows blankets bags everything i am trully obsessed i would love a tattoo it will be three years in december i have been obsessed with twilight and it is growing stonger god bless tha movies more merchandise lol so yes i would get a tattoo i want one with the cullen crest and i want one with edward and bella and nessie's names incorperated in it
I am the same way I kinda like the cullen crest would be cool but I would like incorporate it in a tat like have something that really means something too
dont do it. You will regret it later on in life
i`ll never do that kind of tatoo...i just think that is`s just to much
oh, think about it!

i would never get a tatoo of a star, book or something else!

yes sure, a twilight tatoo would be cool
but what´s in 10, 20, 40 years?
are you sure that´s then always cool?

i got a tatoo for my 17th birthday. it´s a rose and after 11 years i like it like the first day.
but i would never get a tatoo of a star, book or something else, because i think my mind would change....
I agree with Alice above, be very careful with tatts remember that what you think is cool now will not ness be so when your 30 I got one of Winnie The Pooh when I was 19 and and over ten years on I've had no regrets, partly as I adore Winnie The Pooh and partly because I gave a lot of thought before hand I made sure it was in a place that if I did regret it I would not be haunted (so to speak) every day by it in my face don't rush out and get it done!!!!
no. I wouln't do that
I think that is going way toooooooooo far
I would get a tattoo that says "The Cullen Coven" with a picture of Edward and/or Bella below it.
Nah, i wouldn't only cos i'm too scared to get a tattoo done haha


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