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some grown up guy is trying to sue breaking dawn cause he throw up at the mouth litterely fell open. i dont think the sueing process is going to be long. tell me what u think! (:

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Well I heard that the person that it happened to was an 11 year old boy, so i do not know. But my thoughts are that a sue is childish, what if he ate a bad burger, or pizza before the movie? what if he was sick...? The movie is awesome and the director kept the gore to a minimum, just because the movie had to be rated PG-13. 

I don't think the person should go though with this...

yea. the director did do a good job not making it to much rated R like. if i throw up watching the movie i would of been oh its my fault whatever not be like i am going to sue cause its there fault. and the guy should of known what the movie is about...most people knew that was coming at the end so...yea

Since the movie was PG-13, what was an 11 year old doing watching it?! Should the local Child Protection Agency pay them a visit, or should he be suing his parents for allowing him to see the movie?! If he is really 11, I think his actions may have opened up a BIG can of worms for him and his folks...what kind of lawyer would take such a lame case, with so many potential negative issues for the child and his family?!!

i honestly dont know the age. all i know was that he was grown up. so not a child

Bah! I don't think he/she will get anything with sueing...

I mean, really? No one forced anyone to watch the movie, so? It was his/her free will and if other 30.000.000+ people didn't have problems what is his/her problem?

The scene was indeed a little bit brutal, but not that much! Oh my Godness!

People will try to ruin this movie, no matter what...

yea like seriously if u have a problem with twilight than y r u going to watch it? a little common sense here. sueing seems a little to harash

People will say or do anything to get money and/ or attention.  The ridiculosity factor is indeed very high in this case.  What was he thinking?

i think its amazing how desprit some people are for money and attention. this guy should of known what the end was about. its like he never saw a commerical. hello bellas pregnant of course she is going to give birth

Like the guy who had a seizure during the movie cause of the lights.

i know right! seriously before you go see a movie ask like people what they thought so u know what u r going to be seeing. the lights is just i dont even know how to explain it is just messed up

Really is this vomit guy serious?!! (rheatoical question)! its not BD's fault he puked! hell loose this case!

i know right! hes got nerve if he is actually willing to blame a movie for his own action.


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