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some grown up guy is trying to sue breaking dawn cause he throw up at the mouth litterely fell open. i dont think the sueing process is going to be long. tell me what u think! (:

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I don't think its going to be long either. The director can't help it that he had a weak stomach.

I think it's hillarious. All they're going to do is break 'em off a little money and he'll shut up real fast. Happens all the time.

I know right. But he looks real stupid for suing them any way.

lol, just trying to get attention, no one forced him to see it.

agreed and maybe it wasent the movie. it could of been something he ate but i dont know. if u look at it like this okay random guy billion dollar movie....uhhhhhhhh

Yep. That's all it is.

i think that guy needs to re-think before he makes that kind of action

Yea, he does. He looks like an idiot if you ask me.

That's what I'm thinking too. It's some greedy people in this world.

thats what im saying. like good luck with the trail

Send Jasper and Emmett over to "make him an offer he can't refuse"! LOL

haha nice one!


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