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hey whats your favorite charcter in all of the twilight books? I know everyone will say Edward but be creative...

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i love alice, well really all the cullens
Well my top 5 FAVORITES are:
2. Bella
3. Alice
4. Jazz
5. Jacob
Carlisle ........mmmmmmmmmm the definition of generosity, kindness, love..........
raised a loving and a strong family
he helps people despite his thirst for blood
created Edward........ looool
and the list goes on and on
Honestly, I love Alice! I can relate to her, she;s a free spirit and so am I.

but still Edward fills my top spot!
trying to be creative.....nah i cant....its edward every time....sorry
Edward will continue to be my favourite but i like Bella also :)
i agree
mine is edward cullen,of course
even though, when i am being creative,too,my favorite character is edward
favorite character = I can relate to her alot and understand her feelings and sarcasm
Edward and Bella are great but I relate to Alice and Esme more
Well, besides Edward, I would have to say the entire Cullen family (can't chose just one!!) and also Charlie.


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