The Twilight Saga

Both seem kinda cool, and I don't know which one to go with.....which one would you choose and why?

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Vampires cuz im CULLEN! hahaha
That's awesome~* I like that name_Lol;;
Guess that's true, Ew...LOL=)
i don't know which i one i would choose because they are both cool. but i would most likely choose vampire because i wouldn't want to ruin my cloths every time if i was a werewolf. to bad that there is no half vampire and half werewolf creatures
Yeah, that's what i was thinkin, LOL=)
i think i would actually be a vampire because then you really aren't affected by the cold and because i think the cullens are cool so i wouldn't mind the whole drink animal blood instead of human blood think either. plus i think alice is really cute, even though she is shorter than all the other cullens she is still someone you don't want to tick off
i would always choose vampires coz i truly adore edward and the cullens.....and they are very cool.... so are werewolfs but i would alwayz choose VAMPIRES...
I guess, Vampires for sure=).....
I'd DEFINITELY be a vampire!!!!!!!!!!

Vampires have ALL the more fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just THINK about all the $$$$$$$$$$$$ they have....

((that is IF you just so happen to be that long, lost member of the Cullen Clan)) ;) ;) :P

-- Kat Taylor in Sunny So-Cal Ventura Area
Vampire all the way!!
Vampires - 'cuz I want to be a cullen :D


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