The Twilight Saga

Both seem kinda cool, and I don't know which one to go with.....which one would you choose and why?

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vampire......the cullens r so sweet.....and edward is flubbing gorg!!!!
a vampire----- duh!!!!! vamp r WAY better looking than STUPID werewolves.
id choose vampire because if you were a werewolf you would either have to undress or rip your clothes apart when you change (and vampires are sparckly)
Smart answer Morgan!
Vampires for me too. They are just irresistable!
Great Anwser=D, i love it!
this is a repeat thread
Yeah, i know, it's getting awkward*......Haha=)
I agree with Morgan plus if u carried them on your back you"d have to look for em put them in your teeth you get holes in em plus youre more pretier if vampire
Vampire all the way... the only thing i would find it hard to really adjust too was the fact they dont sleep... i love to sleep. but if you gave me the option to be a vampire and have Edward Cullen in my life then the sleep part would not be a problem


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