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This is probably old news, but if it is I must have missed this discussion.  On the movie "Twilight" when Bell and Edward are at prom and they first enter where it shows everyone dancing did anyone notice Victoria standing at one of the tables with her back to the everyone?  I want your feedback on this as I have to wonder why Edward who can read minds did not know she was there?  I have been wondering this for along time now and finally decided to see what you all thought.

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edward can read everybody's mind..werewolf, vampire, human..
I think who made the movie should answer this one. not Stephanie because in the book she did not mention Victoria there.i think it's a the movie, they didn't think of that.I think they put her..just that people see that there will be a continuos..
It was just to inform that the movie not finished until there.There will be a next movie which will tell you about Victoria
it was a mistake in d movie dere is no such thng in d book...
you are would seem he should have known this, so either they didn't care to include this or they missed it all together. It seems important though doesn't it. Are you taking in the midnight showing of Eclipse tonight? I'm seeing all 3 in a row.
maybe Edward was too attract with bella, so he din aware it. and maybe he just tuned out all the sound at that time. too noisy already.
yeah,i wondering about that too!!how Edward didnt notice about her??ok,maybe Edward so stunned with Bella,but at least he could her scent,right??did Bella scent realy ovewhelmed him??need ask stephanie!!But again,if you ever see Eclipse clips,there one clip when Victorya and Riley get Edward down.i mean how could be like that??Edward can read mind,so he must be know when what they plan before they attack him!!well,sometime the scrip just so wierd!!??
Maybe the reason he did not realize she was there, was one because of Bella. He was so wrapped up in her he didn't realize that she was there. And two, the room was crowded full of people and maybe her voice blended in with the rest of them. If Jacob was there and a wolf already, he probably would have smelled her. Who knows!
LOL... I already had a discussion about this but its okay. :)

I had noticed her but I wondered if she was part of the extra for the prom? or she wanted to see who Edward's mate was? Heck who knows??? :)
But i think Victoria already known that Bella is Edward mate, she was there when they first met in the game. Edward tired to protect Bella when James want to attack Bella, and she help James to track Bella.
yes, I noticed her. I think she's there to let us know that there's more to this story and to look for the next movie ofr more information.


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