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Do you honestly think the volturi were good or evil? Were they trying to protect their way of life or distinguish the Cullens?!?

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They are pure evil. They were afraid that the Cullens would become more powerful than they were.
The Volturi are definitely evil, the way they tried 2 find a way 2 kill the Cullens in Breaking Dawn.....totally evil.
evil no doubt about that
I don't think they are evil they just have a leader ARO who is just power hungry. Jasper summized in the book that they are needed.
I don't think they are evil per se, just trying to protect their ways but I do think they find the Cullens intimidating.
I don't think they're evil nor good, it's just that they're a powerful coven leaded by greedy Aro.........
if they were pure evil they would've slaughter the cullen's and every vampire witnessed the last scene.... Aro would never at least try to apologize to Carlisle in the end
I'm sorry i'm a big fan of the Volturi
Volturi is evil!
both, it just depends on the situation.
Generally, I think they're evil. However, they are necessary...
i think they are both.

but first they are afraid. afraid of the cullen that they would change the way of vampire living. they are afraid of the unknown.
EVIL FACTORY!!!!!!! they r evil and inviting more vampires to join them AND BECOME EVIL LIKE THEM


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