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Do you honestly think the volturi were good or evil? Were they trying to protect their way of life or distinguish the Cullens?!?

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i think they are evil but they put on a show to appear as good but we all know they are EVIL!!!
Guys, of course they are evil. All they want is power. The true reason why Caius wants to exterminate the Cullen family so much, is because he sees them as a threat. However, it is very important that they exist in order for some balance to be kept. If they didn't exist, then all the people would probably be dead, since there would be no one to control the blood thirsty vampires or the newborns. They are evil but we love them!! =)
i think they are good an bad.
Yesterday I just finished reading Breaking Dawn (again) and I think that should be a good idea for the 5th book. The overthrowing of the Volturi, and there almost at the end of the book they mention something that gave me the idea. When Siobhan and Carlisle are saying their goodbyes. Maybe SM left it open to have maybe a continuation to the story. But then no more 'The Volturi but "The Cullens".
They try to act good because they are the leaders or their race, but when it come to protection there power over everyone else they are pure evil.
the volturi mean well but they come on a little strong. remember, were reading it from bellas point of veiw (for most of the series) and we see the volturi how bella sees them vs. if we saw them from edward point of view them mite come on as a little nicer or a little meaner... but the volturi i think personally are kinda nice. their protecting the vampires but they need to lighten up. espically on the cullens
Definitely Evil!!
Evil... I feel like they have that evil/jelousy thing going on because the Cullen actually have a "life" and the Volturi just concentrate all in the vampire thing.. The cullens are strong enough to at least try to be human and then vampire when they have to.
They are evil and are trying to destroy the Cullens


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