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um okay did anyone see the volvo commercial for new moon in tv.i saw it yesturday while watch tv. i liked i mean come on the slowmo suits him haha.. tell me what you think!!!

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No i havent i hope to though that would be sweet!!!!
i was shocked GOOD shock haha
LOL I loved that commercial!!
I would buy a Volvo!!!! LOL
that's what i though!!!!!
actually no
every where I go I see Volvo's! I want a Volvo. That was a really good add. Of course it would be really nice if an Edward came with every Volvo they sold. Ha Ha. ;)
They couldn't make them fast enough if he did!
Im watching it naw. I love it. The one that they show on TV isnt the one that is on youtube. If this one is on I havent seen this one yet. But I love this video much more :)
there using the popularity of of Twilight to promote all types of stuff now even vitamin water and there using it also to promote there volvo but Robert does look hot in the commercial.
I havnt seen it... I'll look it up on youtube... I want a volvo but their kinda expensive... I'll need at least 5000 down payment


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