The Twilight Saga

vote for edward to win the contest for the sexiest beast here: cause he is losing:D:*:*:*:*

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it's a tie now
Yeah I just checked a few minutes ago..I've been watching it too. It was still tied.
Edward is losing. He is at 49.68%. My computer will not let me vote any longer. We need Team Edward fans to vote.
Fixed you link girl

Vote Vote Vote!!!! We have (I think) until Midnight TONIGHT US eastern time to do this!!!!
I still can't vote from my computer. I get the message that my vote has already been counted.
you can vote only once:(((...i know its too bad:*:*:*....but the others who haven t voted yet must vote for him.....
I feel like iv voted a million times and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere... Ill keep it up because I LOVE EDWARD!
its back to 50/50. where are all of our edward fans???


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