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Personally my favorite chapters in BD are Unexpected First Hunt and Promised I have read those chapters more than the book itself

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My favorite chapters are, Burning because she tells you what she is experianceing during her transformation, and i like Promised because she meet Renesme for the first time and she attacks Jacob because he had imprinted on Nessie.
I love the chapters through Jacob's eyes. He can be funny and sad. Seeing the birth through his eyes was intense.
i like when bella prepared to the fight with the vulturis and her shield is better every day!♥
My favorite part was that when Jacob went to the park through Edward's car, to search someone who would fill his heart and cure his heartaches. But he finds no one, instead he finds the girl who completes him through Bella's eyes when he got to the Cullens House where Bella lies with his pregnancy! He fought til then  in order to protect his one true love, Bella! But that's before the birth of Renesmee...

my favorite chapters are 'surprise', 'favor', 'isle esme', and 'the happily ever after'.


i luvvvv breaking dawn!!!!

I love the chapters where we get to hear through Jacobs mind. It really gave me a good look at what Bella was really going though and it was neat to get to hear the wolfs minds! I loved In book one Big Day and Gesture. In book three I loved New, First Hunt, Talented, Company, Power, and The Happily Ever After. This is my favoirte book of the Saga so it was a bit difficult to pick some favoirtes!
yeah I know picking my favs were hard beacuse I love BD so much but I love these specific chapters for a reason so I chose them
Mine is Isle Esme, Promised, because well everyone lovveeesss isle esme. Promised I like because, my jaw dropped when I heard jacob imprinted on renesmee. I like burning too, because hearing how the transformation feels is really interesting.

Breaking Dawn isn't my fav book but I hope it will be my fav movie!

As for your question the whole second book by Jacob point of you is my fav!

Simply because it puts a big smile on my face!!

My favorite chapters are Isle Esme, Unexpected, First Hunt, and Talented.
i love all of the chapters of the book. for me its really hard to pick a favorite chapter because the book was really good.
Bella and Edward getting married, her change, the fight, Isle Esme and happily ever after. Actually the whole book


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