The Twilight Saga

What book has the best story? TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWN?

twilight! hahaha :)

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Hi... i think twilight because it started it all. you know the relationship they start without even knowing... Edward waiting for Bella outside classes... the meado scene... ... but every book fron the saga has its charmm... i also love the chapter 24 of new moon "the truth" it is my fav of all the saga.... and i also love when Edward and Bella get engaged.... and Breaking Dawn is awesome but maybe a bit of action at the end wouldnt have hurt...
I like them all way to much to say jsut one has the best stroy in it. I truly could not bring myself to just pick one. I will say that I was super happy with Breaking Dawn because I could not wait for Bella's transformation to happen!! one of my friends made me so mad because he told me that she gets made into a vampire in Eclipse before I even read the book. I so glad he was wrong!!
Breaking Dawn and Eclipse
totally agree :)
I love all the books, but the one I like the most is Eclipse
I really love Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Eclipse, because there you have the triangle - relation Bella - Jake - Edward and the story of Rosalie, which is my favorite part of the book. Breaking Dawn because that is the story where everything gets OK, Jake and Edward become friends, Bella is a vampire and Nessie of course :D
Yes.. Rosalie part war very miserable...and d revenge ws exciting..

Mothers romeo gonna marry daughter,,, hmm.. Itz realy interesting.. :-D

eclipse is better than braking dawn,wht u thnk?
i agree!!!! eclipse was better!!!!
i agree with eva...........i like eclipse and twilight too.....then comes breaking dawn and then comes new moon!!!!
They're all gr8; can't just pick one!!
I think it is all about.. TWILIGHT... And Newmoon...
Itz really nice to fall in love.. It has a unique FEEL..Which is most sweet feel...

And knowing tht hw much ur partner love u is the most imprtnt achivement of ur life..


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