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Hi Twilighters, whats up?

I'm sure you're all TOTALLY pshyced about the BD movies coming out in fall 2011, but are you thinking aboout the casting? Or what about the fact that rumours are spreading, saying Renesmee isnt even going to be shown in the movie. How many of u guys want to set them straight and tell them that they're absolutely delusional? Well, anyways I was hoping that in your comments u could create your own opinion about the casting. I've posted some tips below.


Some things that YOU can include in your replies/comments:

- who you thing will be playing: Renesmee, the vampires from around the world

- what you think the honeymoon scene is going to be like (aka will it be rated R)

- how Renesmee's birth scene is going to be totally grosse or awesome


Ps. Feel free to add anything else that comes to mind! :)




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I just hope they stick to the book. It's a lot of information that can't be edited out of the movie.
amen to that Bianca!!!
I don't see how they will be able to keep it out of an "R" rating or, at the very least a "PG-13" without turning it into a "Walt Disney" type movie (sorry Walt)! If it turns out a PG it will have to show Edward and Bella kissing after being married and then "skip" to where Bella is sitting on the White Couch drinking blood (which we won't see) followed by a scene of three day old Renesmee being cuddled by all the Cullens! They don't have to be " totally gross", but I hope they try to stick to the book!
I believe it will be PG-13 and very tasteful. Renesmee will probably show in the the secound part of BD.
Please stick to the book.  Movie makers have ways of dancing on the line of R and yet remain PG-13.  If they skip too many or too large of gaps in the book, they will lose the important pieces of the story.  I can see the ending of BD part I as Bella awaking from the c-section and opening those blood red eyes.  What a way to end!  Just my thoughts of course.  Hope they amaze us  ;  )
i hope it ends like that cause thats what i imagined
i think its gonna be PG-13. cause if it was rated R, twilight would probably be ruined for me and alot of other fans (except for perverted fans).
I think that people have been making a happily ever after that won't happen. Some are trying to say that there will be a teen nessie. I have a hard time with this one cause for one stephanie is involved and said that nothing could be added that isn't already in the book, two she is only about two when the fight with the volturi happens. It would be gross to see a two year old nessie in a teen from making out. They did talk about the scene at the honeymoon. The director said that it will be the same as in the book and it will stay pg13. In the beginning there was talk about a 3-d nessie being born scene but decided against it.
it won't skip straight to bella being on the couch but they are going to stick with the book with out making that scene rated r. you will see the passion but not them actually making love. you will have to interpert it yourself for the love scenes.
from what i have read nessie will be seen in the last part of bd but it will be stopped at bella's eyes opening up


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