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Well I was at wal- mart and saw it on a magazine and I don't believe it....

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I don't believe it for a minute.  I believe he is in love with Kristen, and no matter what has happened between them, I don't believe he is the kind of man who would jump into another relationship that fast.  He has said in interviews that he doesn't take relationships lightly. Just because he may be hurt right now doesn't change the kind of person he is inside.

I don't think it is true.I think Rob and Katey are just friends.I don't think Rob is over Kristen yet.We don't know maybe Rob and Kristen will get back together.They need time and space to think about all that has happened and take time to see if they can work things out and maybe get back together.Just because Rob and Katey have their picture taken together does not mean that they are dating.They could have gone out as friends.Tracy

I think he is still in love with Kristen :P


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