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well i just wanted to comment on the last book Breaking Dawn it was great she couldnt done better it was nice love how she wrote about Renesmee and how she touch everyone. also i want to know if bella will kick ass in the movie as she is in the book..

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the author said she did that because to keep it from bella's perspective during the pregnancy would haven been boring since she was stuck on the couch the whole time basically - thats why she added in jacob's part too
so true it was kind of confusing but it was awesome luv it i wonder how are they going to do the would be better if midnight sun was about what happends next instead of edward p.o.v of twilight though it would be good if it was about what happens next with edward's p.o.v;D
it was really great.....the way that talked about nessie and the moment that Jacob believes Bella is dead !!!!!omg! it is really good!!!!
I love it :) I think the layout is wonderful (Bella to Jacob etc) :) I want to read it again but i'm in the middle of reading something else.
i love it
I sure hope so! She was bad aff in the book! =D Breaking Dawn(Not including Midnight Sun :3) is my fave out of the Twilight saga! XD
Breaking Dawn is by far the best of the books. The way it ended was nice, am hoping for another book to follow it cause so much was left up in the air. Like will there be a wedding for Rose and Emment. What happens in 6 or 7 years when Renesmee is fully grown, who will she end up with...Just so many things left unanswered, I wanna know. lol. Also will Charlie end up with Sue?
yup your right!!! I do hope stephenie does go with the book i cant wait for the movie!!! does she have other good books out??
Yes The Host.
you are so right I want to see if charlie ends up with sue and if Renesmee will end up with Jacob or not and when Renesmee grows up. One thing I want to see is if Edward and Bella put Renesmee in real school or not
I like it but I think she rushed it too much. I think she could have spread it out more so there would be more books.
still reading it... but loving it so far...


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