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I'm sure this has been asked and discussed somewhere on this site, but I couldn't find it, and I'm dreadfully curious as to what you guys think on the matter.

SO, simple question, although highly debatable.
What do you think the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movie should be rated?
"PG-13" or "R", and WHY do you think so?

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Come on, it should be rated as PG-13. How about the die-hard Twilight fans under eighteen? Think of them. :)
I have to say "R" also. I would like to see more romance this time between Edward and Bella. In the books he is so touchy feely with her but not in th movies. Also in the books Bella can't get enough of Edward but not in the movies. They will have to show all the gruesome parts of Breaking Dawn and hopefully all the sensual in order to be true to the book.
Hi...agree with you that there are parts of Breaking Dawn that just cannot be left out and keep to the way the book is written.  However...and sorry to sound this way, but I really think that for Hollywood film studios, the bottom line is money.  If they produce (2) Breaking Dawn films with an "R" rating, they will be reducing their income by A LOT.  In filming some suggestively sexy scenes filmakers are very good at using techniques that simply imply what is going on but does not "up front and in your face" actually show it.  I don't know...but have a feeling that Summit will go in this direction.  I imagine Bella's birth scenes would be of this nature as well. Be curious to hear what some of you think about this.

Well rated PG-13 would get soo much more buisness then R butt R would heat up LOTSSS!!! But i think PG-13


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