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I'm sure this has been asked and discussed somewhere on this site, but I couldn't find it, and I'm dreadfully curious as to what you guys think on the matter.

SO, simple question, although highly debatable.
What do you think the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movie should be rated?
"PG-13" or "R", and WHY do you think so?

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I have to say 'R'. There's way to many sensual, violent, and gruesome scenes that CANNOT be left out, and they cant do those scenes the RIGHT way with a 'PG-13' rating.
=) i agree.
thank you :)
I am 100% with you..girl...!!! I completely agree that those scenes..must be in the the life...So definately I will say 'R'...!!!
Thank You :) It's always nice to be agreed with
totally agree.... gotta have those scenes ^o^
Thank You, too :)
finally someone who understands
haha, i know right?
i totally agree with you but im not 21 yet !!!
lol what do u mean 21? U only have to be 17 where i live to see an R movie
100% with you :)


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