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What do you think if Bree become Carlisle's daughter / sister of Edward??..

Well, I just read Bree Tanner.. so excited.. Well, I'm jealous to you guys who can get all Stephenie Meyer's book on time.. So hard for me, because I need to wait a bit longer than you guys till I could buy those books.. I live in Indonesia by the way..

What a pity coz Bree has to die..I just knew that she is a smart girl.. probably she could be Cullen's younger daughter/sister.. or live free with Diego and Fred.. Read this book makes me miss twilight, I'll read those books again soon..

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I wonder if Diego and Bree would have developed some talents as well? So they could ad to the power of the Cullen family...

Now that would have been a great addition to the Twilight story...another new book :)
I wondering who'll be perfect to play Diego's roll in the movie.. Daniel redclift?? Hehe..
Who do u guys think will be good??
Who plays Diego? In what movie?
No Malissa... I was just wondered who'll be good enough to play Diego's part if they're about to make this book into movie.. and, who do u think of?


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