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What do you think if Bree become Carlisle's daughter / sister of Edward??..

Well, I just read Bree Tanner.. so excited.. Well, I'm jealous to you guys who can get all Stephenie Meyer's book on time.. So hard for me, because I need to wait a bit longer than you guys till I could buy those books.. I live in Indonesia by the way..

What a pity coz Bree has to die..I just knew that she is a smart girl.. probably she could be Cullen's younger daughter/sister.. or live free with Diego and Fred.. Read this book makes me miss twilight, I'll read those books again soon..

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maganda yan neng..i also think thats a good idea but well she dies..
Yeah @sEtH cLeArWaTeR... I'm so amazed by how clever she was.. live a little bit longer with Cullen family could help her become vegetarian too..
By the way, what is the meaning of maganda yan neng? What language is it?
Ah...itz tagalog..native language of the philippinez..meaning?itz "great idea"...maganda meanz beautiful..
Oh..thats cool... I knew tagalog of course..
Ma dad used to have master degree there.. my uncle and my aunt also studied there in Philippines..

Well, I wonder how Diego looks like..

Was twilight books always launched right on time in ur country? or little bit late as mine?
same date when they release it on the US..remember the first vampire menti0ned on twilight? it is an urban legend there 'DANAG' to be exact. im n0t a filipino but i love being there
Bree would have been a very good addition to the Cullen family and I think Bella would have found a sister in her just as she found one in Alice. It is sad that she never had the option of becoming a Cullen. She and Diego could have made couple number 5!
I don't remember where I read it but SM said that as she started getting into Bree's story that she got sad because she knew that Bree had to die because of the way she wrote it in eclipse. But that after writing her story she didn't want to kill her.
I can believe that
Why? I think everyone that read brees story didn't want her to die.
bree story was very sad...i think she suffers more than bella do during the whole saga i think she could have a happy end with fred and with the cullens...but on the other side what about bella...bree was created to kill you think that bella hates bree only because she ( and the new borns) could kill her adoptive family and she could kill edward or jacob (bella's biggest loves)
Well, yeah.. When I read eclipse, I hate Bree coz she wants Bella's blood so much. But after I read Bree's story, I can feel Bree's she feel, and she thought.. So at the end, I didn't hope she'll died..
By the way,the last part of the book tells how Bree was try to tell evrythings to Edward in her mind.. How do u think Edward feels? And what will he say if the Cullens meet Fred 1 day..
@adalante : I do agree with you.. Diego is a sweet guy.. Love to see both of them become couple no 5..


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