The Twilight Saga

I'm freaking out because I hoped that it would all end with peace.. like in the book.. :( What about you? 

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Haven't seen the trailer; however, it was clear to me in the book that Aro and his murdering maniacs would not forget about the Cullens. Aro felt he was outnumbered and his secret weapons (the "witch twins") had been rendered useless by Bella's powers and that of others,  Had the nomads and other covens not been there along with the strength of the Quileute "Werewolves," Aro would have never listened to Carlisle but would have slaughtered the Cullens as was his intent (capturing Edward and Alice if he could). I hope the movie makes it very clear that it isn't "over."  

The trailer part is till 2:06 

I know right. I hate it when they change the endings in a book because they want more action. It looks like its going to be a good movie though, im just disappointed that they changed the ending.

Go on Twilight's sight for info about the movies through google and watch the clip. It is amazing to see and the longest one i have seen so far. From the looks of it, Bella does a round house kick on a hooded figure with Edwards help. Apperantly their is also talk of some being killed including the Cullens. If that so, Mrs Meyer went back on what she had been saying. No character can be killed unless she wrote it. I will be #%^&(&*$# if it has been changed from the books ending. I will be very disappointed too.

OMG i have seen every single Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailor ever and they are all so amazing.i think they are making the trailors so good JUST to tortute i want to wait a month or so more to see that movie.i am so dying to see that movie,and on a websight i was on i got to see the first 7 minutes of the movie,(trust me i have no idea how)because some guy snuck a camra into the theater and filmed the begining of was a little shaky but at least i got to see it and it was amazing!you have no idea.can't wait till i get to see the rest of the movie!and yeah i am NOT very happy about the ending change,but i still can't help to be a little curious to see how it will end.i will be disappointed if it does end badly,but at least we have the books to know that it won't be the real ending if its different than the books,so all we can do is hope it will end like it was supposed to.

The Official trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2

is REALLY cool! I have seen this trailer on YouTube

I am looking forward to this movie of Twilight Saga

Hopefully what we are seeing in the previews is what happens before any talking was done. I noticed too that Renesme disappears all the sudden too. Did any one else notice. Hopefully Mrs Meyers didn't let them go against what was written in the book. Maybe what they are showing is a deleted scene/alternate ending that will be put on DVD/BR. I think that would be awesome. They show the alternate ending in preview but not the actual ending to get people talking and going to put the alternate ending on DVD/BR


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