The Twilight Saga

ugh i cant wait i loved it i watched it like over and over i love that even though it had a male director he has managed to capture the devastion of bellas pain when edward leaves stephanie wrote such gut renching chapters of loss and pain and from what ive scene chris has captured it his an awesome director i am so going to cry in this movie i cry everytime in the book lol

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OMG, It´s awasome,
i love it... love it... loooove it! Can't wait for november to come!
Dude, by far it's been like the best one they put out yet! I'm sooo glad I got to watch multiple times before they removed it! I don't understand what's the point to removing it, if they were smart they would leave it up so we could fill our void until November!
i'm sure they will re-post it after it airs on the VMA's tonight. I am sitting her watching and waiting for them to air it. So excited!!!!!!!
I just watched it on the VMA's it had more clips than the one leaked on the internet it was amazing and now Im impatient to see New Moon.
the one from the vmas omg my heart starts pumping i want to see this movie so bad bad enough i have brought my midnight tickets two weeks ago i love chris as the director he is truly ledgendary i was just wondering what everyones take is of what they have seen so far how good is it i think he has stayed more closley to the book then what catherine did in twilight
well . . . of course i'll cry . . but when i cry , i never stop readin' . . . just keep goin' . . its so interesting . . so fascinating . . .
lol, I posted a comment about this on youtube and... yeah... I had -2 within 30 seconds. Youtube = fangirl land. I say ONE bad thing about the trailer, and everyone lashes out at me! Geez, I was just complaining about the makeup... and the casting choices, btw I've never really RPattz so you can all DEAL WITH IT.

Yeah, sorry, I just had to post that somewhere -- that somewhere obviously not being youtube.
Overall I ♥d the 3rd trailer ^.^
New Moon is awesome, heart-wrenching, and angsty so I can't wait to see how that'll come through in the movie. ^.^
which casting choices just curious everybody has a right to voice there opinion lol
its great
yeah it does

and i think it will such an amazing movie just lie harry pottter

stand for ov many years


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