The Twilight Saga

So I was thinking Edward's looks have been different for the 3 movies (currently waiting for the premiere of Breaking Dawn), what's your favorite look?


Do you prefer Twilight?



or New Moon?




or maybe Eclipse?



I know we're just waiting for  Breaking Dawn, but could it be Breaking Dawn your favorite look?



























or a combination of the four movies?

















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i like all of his looks he manages to pull off every look in every movie he does
I like new moon so far.
I can't wait to see the last one too.
he looks great in all of the movies so far but i like the New Moon picture best. the serious look on his face makes him look a little older than he did in the twilight and eclipse pic.
He always has a killer smile that melts everyone
i like him more in twilight
he seems softer as in personality
but he looks good in all the movies
Thats what I think too! :) So true :)
Yeah I agree in the personality part too, it's softer that in the other books
i think every style of them is amazing but i like the Eclipse style
i'd prefer his Twilight look.
I love the expression on his face from twilight, the color of his face and his outfit in new moon, and the hair in eclipse! LOL, I'm so indecisive!
don't worry it happens to all of us
well he looks good in all the movies but i would have to say that i like the New Moon look! cant judge the Eclipse look yet. it may become my new favorite since I just love Eclipse so much! :]


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