The Twilight Saga

So I was thinking Edward's looks have been different for the 3 movies (currently waiting for the premiere of Breaking Dawn), what's your favorite look?


Do you prefer Twilight?



or New Moon?




or maybe Eclipse?



I know we're just waiting for  Breaking Dawn, but could it be Breaking Dawn your favorite look?



























or a combination of the four movies?

















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new moon edward he looked real sexy and hot in new moon.
I have to agree with you!
I would say all of them
I like all but New Moon is my favorite.
i didn't see eclipse yet so i can judge .. but i love hem more on twilight ..
this is so difficult to choose. I guess I might go with in Twilight because it is the first impression that is the lasting. He is just so hot in all of them but if I had to choose without looks I would choose Edward in Eclipse becuase he is just so sweet and understanding it is why I love Edward so much. He is my noble hero.
Melissa I like the new avatar you have, is great, I was wondering how's Bella's wedding dress is going to be.
her dress is so gorges u would not belive it
I can imagine it! I can't believe we have to wait more than a year to watch BD!
im going TO DIE!!!!!!!!!! WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!
me too!!! i'm zoOoO intrigue . .
in alice presence, it will be bizarre!!!!!


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