The Twilight Saga

So I was thinking Edward's looks have been different for the 3 movies (currently waiting for the premiere of Breaking Dawn), what's your favorite look?


Do you prefer Twilight?



or New Moon?




or maybe Eclipse?



I know we're just waiting for  Breaking Dawn, but could it be Breaking Dawn your favorite look?



























or a combination of the four movies?

















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i like B.D. best eclipse second new moon 3rd and twilight 4th
they r ALL sexy honestly:)
For NM I also like the peacock suit he uses at the scene with "granny" I was unable to breath when he came in scene, it was amazing!
i like twilight and breaking dawn look. in the other two he looks kinda scary!!! but i like Renellaward Cullen"s new moon pic> (sigh) he's sooooooo beautiful!!!! and he does look sexy in anything but still more handsome when he smiles mine and Beella's favorite smile......
lolz..... mine 2....and i must agree even though i kinda like his "scary" side....its kinda- no VERY sexy:)
i love how he look on eclipse!! but he look great in all the movies!
I say all three, because regardless I love looking at him. If you are going to make me choose I would say Eclipse.
I tend to like Twilight and Eclipse Edward, not New Moon. Its just that he looks so sad and hurt and just the thought of Edward hurting does something to me.
yeah it's true you can relate to his pain, it was awful watch him suffer in the movie.
OMG, i KNOW!! especially when Bella snaps at him when he "told" jake about their engagement....ugh, i was teary-eyed!!!!
that was really really painful to watch
ikr! i mean his face...ugh....that hurt
I started crying when she came back to Edward after just kissing Jacob and said you saw and he said no but Jacobs thoughts are loud. He was in so much pain and it hurt me so. I just wanted to slap her. 


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