The Twilight Saga

So I was thinking Edward's looks have been different for the 3 movies (currently waiting for the premiere of Breaking Dawn), what's your favorite look?


Do you prefer Twilight?



or New Moon?




or maybe Eclipse?



I know we're just waiting for  Breaking Dawn, but could it be Breaking Dawn your favorite look?



























or a combination of the four movies?

















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edward olwayz luks hot n sexy n evrything...i cnt mk a diff in luks he hv in dif muvis..<3 <3
in photos, im totally eclipse. But, as for in filimg, eclipse. He just looked some much more like Edward.
and I would say in books Eclipse was my favorite!
he's AMAZING in twilight <3<3<3
if its possible to tell cuz he ALWAYS looks like a dream come true- i loved him most in new moon...
but again i'll have to take good care of what i say becouse to me for Edward is impossible to look bad... or less than
the briliant angle that he is....
oh, i love you Edward....
(yeah, im in deep *edited by mod* :/ i know...)

Yeah, I think is impossible for him to don't look great, he always look amazing, I'm sure BD won't be the exception, I like what I've seen so far, I really can't wait to watch BD!!!!


i have to say....he looks SEXY in anything =)....but i liked his look the most in twilight!! new moon he looked good but eclipse he looks weird to much makeup?

breaking dawn and new moon

best in twilight! but he looks great in some parts of new moon and eclipse

Bella looks the best in eclipse


TWILIGHT!!!! BY FAR!!!! In New moon he looks okay....but I hate the way they made him look in eclipse! He looks sooooo old! :( 

In Twilight he looks perfect <3 

And I agree with the above comment...bella looks sooo pretty in Eclipse! She looks better than Edward :/ 

i love all three movies. robert looks great in all of them, and suits him alot. i love yah rob!!


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