The Twilight Saga

So I was thinking Edward's looks have been different for the 3 movies (currently waiting for the premiere of Breaking Dawn), what's your favorite look?


Do you prefer Twilight?



or New Moon?




or maybe Eclipse?



I know we're just waiting for  Breaking Dawn, but could it be Breaking Dawn your favorite look?



























or a combination of the four movies?

















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I like the way he look in New Moon but because of the description in Twilight, he's more sexier and gorgeous in the first one..
Yeah I think we all fall in for him since Twilight *sighs*

I like the combination of all three.

Yeah, now let's wait for BD, and see about the combination of all 4 :)

lol. i prefer eclipse edward I love how it looks in the movie is more mature but beautiful

I know, it's hard to decide :)
I prefr the twilight pic myself,he looks so happy and carefree in it almost peaceful
my favorite of the first three movies is the Twilight look. I like the slightly longer hair length. Eclipse hair looks to preppie and New Moon hair looks like a serious but fun look, which is actually my 2nd favorite. the Twilight hair has a carefree fun look. can't decide on Breaking Dawn look yet because the picture doesn't give a real good look at it. but, if I really liked a look that Edward has, I would have to go with how the book describes him. bronze hair and looks like a Greek god and breath-taking eyes and features.
Yeah, it was amazing reading how Bella described him, I think I was day dreaming an entire week after reading the book, sometimes I still do that :)
I actually like all of them, Edward looks good no matter what the scene is.


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