The Twilight Saga

I was lost in thought when I relized reneesme was circling around me. I said hey sweetie wheres your mom. she said "alice took her and told me when you wake up from fantisizing to tell you she needs to talk to you''. " thank you " I said then heard a knock on the door it was jacob. "hey nessie how are you" he said he thought hey edward . "hey jake" we said at the same time. then we laughed. " how do you feel about baby sitting dog " I said . he asked me why I told him " alice '' . " ok hope you not in trouble vamp" he said. I was with bella and alice in a few seconds. " ok the board meeting is oficaly started " alice said . I kissed bella and then we started talking about a vision she had while i was so called fantisizing. "so alice I would like to see jacob and talk to him can I leave now'' bella said then shared the thought. she said "fine but im coming with " then they were gone and i decided i would go visit carlilse. I ran to the house real fast. but to my suprise he wasnt there. I asked esme where he was she said "he got called in around midnight he should be back soon". "i'll be back then esme" I said then I was home. "hey bella" I said

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that was chapter one guys hope you like it
bella's p.o.v
chapter 2
the unexpected misery

I always wanted to be a docter and now I was becoming one for special reasons. carlilse walked into .the room and was talking to edward and was asking him if he was sure he wanted to let me do this. I guess he didnt know Iwas there and for some reason I was mad for him saying this and yelled" as if it was his choice " and stompted out the door and ran all the way to the house. packed my bags and wrote a note that said

dear edward
I need to clear my head you may not see me for a few days sorry about this tell carlilse im sorry i snapped and its not his fault .tell reneesme im sorry i wont be here for her the next few days.

I ran out the door not knowing where i was going and led myself to tanyas. kate was outside when i got there she asked "is something wrong with edward or carlilse you look like you ran pretty fast waight is that your bags" I ansered her Questions with "no, yes, and yes" we talked for awhile she agreed to let me use her room for my stuff and to tell tanyaabout my visit she asked me why I came and I told her "carlilse was talking to edward and did not know i was in the room and was talkin about my career and walked into the room where i was at and said are you sure you want to let her do this . then i just snapped and yelled as if it was his choice then I ran to the house packed my bags and ran here" and her reply was carlilse said that . I dont mean to be rude but can you leave me alone right now im worried ill make you mad or something .and tell me when tanya and carmen get back will you i want to tell them about what happened

meanwile in edwards pov

no I thought to my self as I read the note that bella wrote and ran back to the house first thing i did was ran to carlilse and yelled this is all your fault this would- the next thing i knew jasper and emmett were holding me back emmett asked me slowly what would of never happend I told him what bella wrote carlilsewalked up to me and said im sorry eward i shouldent of said that yeah right i thought to my self but took the apoligy told carlils what bella told me to say and then i went to reneesme and said your mommy told me to say that she is said that she is sorry that she wont be with you. reneesme frowned then ask when will mommy be back. Ithen told her she said soon . and went outside to calm down when jasper got the idea of tracing her scent to where she was and i told him great idea but as soon as we find her scent i want yall to back off . ok they agreed but toour suprise we found it way to easy and it was leading to tanyas house i found her growling at me when i was in her site kate said how dare you come here after what happened and she just got better to i backed up slowly and said i come in peace no one is with me i told them to back off when they found your scent and that it was carlilse saying not mine and they let me in we talked for awhile and then i agreed to go home when i got back they said did you find her i told them yes and that she did not want to be desturbed.
chapter 3
bella's pov

iwent home and put my stuff back then ran back to the main house saw carlilse and esme and edward they all came up and hugged me exept for carlilse then i said what afriad ill bite carlilse hold that thought be right back were back esme i jumped at them alice and jasper hugged me then alice scolded me telling me never to do that agian . i said fine the carlilse came up and hugged me told me he was sorry and that the job was still up for take and that i could start tommarow then renesme and jacob came home from yet another bofire reneesme came and jumped in to my arms. edward said how was the rest of your visit with- i cut him off you shall never tell them where i was or i will kill you . smart he said save it for later just one thing dont scare me like that agian or i shall be the one killing you edward said . then i said you and i both know you cant do that. you want a bet . nah not right now any way . then i noticed everyone staring at us . then jasper asked where were you. i said if i told you i would have to kill you.then we all started to laugh until alice and edward froze and with sudden anger edward lunged at jacob. and i pulled him away then alice did the same and jasper held her back and carlilse asked what is with you to today and then alice got free and the next thing i knew jacob was in the floor screaming i gave edward to emmett and then me and carlilse took jacob upstairs and did a few x-rays he had a few broken ribs and a broken elbow carlilse said jacob me and bella will have to put three pins in your elbow which means you would have to be cut open after we put you to sleep okay . fine docs but can you leave me alone for a few secs i want to tell my dad ok. sure carlilse said i need to talk to edward and alice ok. with that we went down stairs and talked to edward when reneesme walked up to me and carlilse and said will jake be ok sure reneesme he has a few minor ingeries and he will have to have a cast and wrap. then carlilse told edward and alice to come to us and then asked if wanted to see him yell i said sure then we walked into alices room and carlilse started yelling you two have put jake through unessary pain he has four broken ribs and his elow is completly detached which means he has to have pins put in his arms and i dont know if you relize this but you also hurt reneesme alot she sat there and asked me and bella if jake was going to be ok what happens if he does not wake up what if he is one of those rare cases where the are put in a coma for a realy long time what happens if he dies during the surgery i sure aint going to tell her in fact ill make you tell her. esme walked in and said jake says he is done with the call . thank you my lovely esme now me and bella shall go put the pins in jakes arm and dont think this will just slide by you two are in serious trouble. we ran up to jake and put the pins in his arm the surgery went well but then after we wrapped the arm up he started to have a seizure and we got his heart pumping agian and then went down stairs alice edward here now i heard carlilse yell i told you i would make you tell her as soon as she wakes up i want you to tell her that jake is in a coma and then explain to her what a coma is . then they said your joking he is not in a coma your just wanting to scare us then i suddenly blew and stated yelling why the heck would he be joking i yelled the i stopped for a sec and told esme to take reneesme outside then countinued yelling i said if he wasjoking would i be yelling no if he was joking i would not be going along with it if he was joking and iwas a human i would not feel like crying right now if i could cry i would be right now i would not be screaming on the top of my lungs at you two idiots that dont even trust your own father or creator or what ever the heck you want to call him if you two idiots are done being stupid and would like to go see him because you dont belie me then go right ahead im gone dont come after me i wont go as far this time i will still be in reach of jake and the hospital in fact edward ill bring your stupid bags over here be back i ran home and then was back threw the bags at him and went to see jake and carlilse
carlilse pov

bella walked in i said you still mad yes i heard her reply . you know you didnt have to do that . sorry i should of let you stand up for yourself she said .no its fine its just that the way you said it made alice feel sad and she started to vamp way of crying i said. knock knock knock come in i replyed to the knocking hey carlilse emmett and rose are gone hunting hey bella edward wants to talk to you do you want me to tell him right nows not the time. bella i said talk to him forgive him. fine she said

chapter 5
bellas pov

i walked in the room and as soon as I came through the door his said sorry and Iforgave him like carlilse told me to then we kissed and reesme woke up alice and edward told her as far as im concerned every thing is perfect i even forgave alice. rosalie got back and saw me happy agian and gave me a hug then i told every body i was sorry for my actions. i was forgiven and the best part was jacob woke up from the coma and tomorow i start my job even though it seemed as if i already have

chapter 6
bella's pov

carlilse told me it was time for work my first patient went by the name of isiah he was a brian cancer patient he had a surgery and i worked with the attendant by the name of derek sheperd the surgery was aspost to last all day but it only lasted half because the patient died and we could not revive him. my second patient of the day was in a car acident and had two broke arms and one broke leg the it was my brake i made friends with mereidith grey and izzy stevens they said two of there friends were out sick in fact one was in the hospital the we were called to this place where this ship exploded and meridith drowns and im her docter but so is sheperd she was drowning when sheperd saved her but she wasnt breathing so they put thebreathing tube down her throght then carlilse was her docter also so when sheperd wont stop and let carlilse work on her he tells him to go out side then as soon as he does she starts breathing agian . then it was time to take the tube out but she was still in a coma and she wakes up with izzy by her side when she says her throaght hurts . then i had to go home it was an awsome day
chapter 7
the unexpected surprise
reneesme's pov

I woke up in the morning ran down stairs mom was already gone for work with carlilse. my dad saw me and told me i was starting school tomarow. yay I never started this so called school and the best news was jacob was switching scools just for me.knock knock jake I screamed then ran to him and jumped in his arms. hey nessie how are you to dayhe said then put me down. guess what jake guess guess. let me think your mom finally agreed to leave your room alone. no silly I am starting school tomorow. good for you kid. jake do you want to come with us today. that depends vamp where are you going. to the hospital to visit bella at work. ok i guess. reneesme go get your jacket on. but daddy you know i dont get cold. i know that sweetie but the humans dont. fine but i wont like it. jake laughed as i walked up the stairs.we went to the hospital to see how moms friend meridith was doing. then we went back home.

chapter 8
reneesme pov
the 2nd surprise

I woke up in the morning to my mom screaming your going to be late on your first day of school. I got to school I was the new student then me and jake went to get our schedules so sad i said we have no classes together. i had math first the biology then language arts. then finally i had lunch with jake and seth. the pack slowly arrived to the table leah was the last one to sit. so how was your first day so far. boring i replied. they laughed jake said thats what you get ffor reading all those books why donwe skip the rest of school leah is in my next class and seth is in yours they can cover for us. i dont know jake we might get in trouble. and what get grounded and lectured on our responsibilities. exactly jake we would get grounded from each other. i could take it i need to talk to you in private. fine we went to first beachhe said i love you so much- RENEESME CARLIE CULLEN GET YOUR BUT OVER HERE NOW. i heard then the next thing i knew edward had jake on the ground. stop it i went along with it punish me just dont hurt him i said then turned around. then jake said told you she was ready to know. fine you can tell her but im telling billy about this you have twenty mineuts then you both be at your homes. reneesme jake said i imprinted on you and that means i cant be away from you for long periods of time and i love you. i love you to but hopefully dad and mom will take it easy on me. shesh theyll take it easy on you i dont know about billy though. times up i heard mom scream. then ran to the house as jake ran to his. I know this is going to be hard for you- I heard mom say before dad cut her off and said YOUR GROUNDED UNTIL I GIVE YOU FURTHER NOTICE. then i ran to my room crying he never yelled at me before he was harsh but his vioce still had velvet in it. I was remembering my moms faces all those time he yelled at her. when mom walked in with a sorry expresion on her face, im sorry about that it was not your fault i was fussing at him before he heard jakes thoughts. you are grounded but only for a month. thanks mom. little heads up dont leave the room till he is done breaking stuff. ive got to go back to work now sweetie see you later. bye mom see you later. tap tap tap. i turned around it was jake so how long are you punished for a month he said well either a month or til further notice. JAKE GET OUT NOW AND YOUR DAD WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS GO. sorry if i got you in more trouble nessie then he kissed me and was gone. YOUR MOM WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS TWO KID AND DONT THINK ILL LET HER BE ALL LOVEY DOVEY ON YOU. I stuffed my head in my pillow and started to cry. then all of a sudden alice came in the room sreaming at dad I DONT CARE IF SHES GROUNDED IM NOT THE ONE SHES GROUNDED FROM. i said finally a unmad person to relate to. are you ok kiddo you look like youve been crying for centries. sorry its just that im not normally getting yelled at by him its normally mom. I know it seems the same way when your normally get yeled at by edward and not bella. sorry forgot about that. thats ok sweetie i did to. try to stay out of touble heres what you will wear tomorow.i woke up my face all sticky and wet. then i saw the note that said.

dear nessie
i took your dad hunting be at school on time.
dont think about skipping agian
love mom

I took a shower then went to school and was glad i did not have any classes with him. i ate lunch at his table but didnt talk the next class i was with seth and told him about my dad harsh he said then i had band and studys. the next thing i knew i was home and so was mom and dad. mom said we are letting you see jake because he has a Question for you and we agreed to it. and by we she means her.jake came in and said reneesme carlie cullen will you marry me.
yes i said then we kissed and he went back to his house.
then it happend alice came in and said can i please do your wedding please. i guess but-
it cant be to fancy or to boring and i have to work with emily and leah.
yeah forgot about that power.she laughed and said dont worry your mom did when is it and what color schemes mom asked. dont knowi replied but nothing with pink or purple. damit alice said then i laughed in my head wich made edward chuckle and then they both said as of tomorow you are un grounded. really thank you thank you thank you. alice then said so is jacob.and so is kay,edward and seth. then we all stared at her like she was crazy then i finally spoke up and said who,who and seth. oops was all she said. i geuss ive got to tell now you get pregnet tomorow and have triplets you shall never know the last ones name or gender. at that moment dad started craking up in laughter. tell her and die edward. so i name them kay and edward whats the last name please or i wont let you DO MY WEDDING. you wouldent .yes i would im not telling. ok then your-. fine fine bella you name her bella.yes i told you i would get the name. so when do you plan on telling the dog dad asked tomorow but know one shall tellthe names it will work for me. not alice all you have to do is find somthing she wants and threatens to take it away. why dont we tell the crowd what they dont want to hear. but before we do mom i want you to be my docter not carlilse.ok.yall guy and chicks come hear i come with good or bad news depends on where you want to put it. spit it out already jasper yelled. tomorow i shall become pregnent. and mom shall be my docter. thats great everbody says whats going to be the name. not name names. huh. there are three. oh. kay,edward and bella. name stealer emmet shouted. i giggled .
chapter 9
telling jake
reneesme's pov

jake my mom and dad gave me permission to skip school today and billy gave you permission. ok what is this about it cant be to good if parents are letting us if you call having kids is terible news then i geuss so. nessie this is great im a dad yeah. i geuss so. then my body felt num and i calapsed _________

jacobs pov

reneesme calapsed . nessie nessie can you hear me i ran to the house where esme was call bella and carlilse get them over here now.them bella came down stairs saying i have not left yet ja- she saw reneesme then grabbed her ran up stairs esme get carlilse edward come here. same case senario of mine hand me the scalpel. but the morphine. no time if we want all four to live scapel NOW. here out jake now you dont want to see this. carlilse came through the door i asked if she was going to be ok. he said she should be fine as soon as she wakes up.

reneesmes pov

i woke up with three little babys next to my head. my mom came in and asked which ones which I pointed to the boy and said edward has blond hair green eyes and sort of pale. pointed to one of the girls dark brown hair brown eyes realy pale is bella. kay has black hair blue eyes and tanish looks more like her dad is kay. very wise choice nessie. are you ready for jake to come so we can show every body else . yes i said as she called jake. jake you take kay bella take bella ill take edward. fine with me. we walked down stairs esme asked the same Question mom did itold her jake has kay i have edward bella has bella ok dad asked if he could hold edward. jasper asked how would we tell them apart when they grew up because they looked so much a like very funny they said.
chapter ten
seth did what
reneesme's pov

we need to go some where alone jake i said. sure he replied. i'll get seth and leah to watch the babies. thanks. i called three times before they ansered. you relize what time it is jake i heard leah complain. yes only noon. i need a faver from yall can you come over and take the babies to the reserve we need some alone time. fine we'll be right over. few mineutes later. knock knock. come in. hey jak-. oh h*** no you did not just in print on edward and bella. seth and leah. come on jake you know we cant help that.
chapter 11
seth's pov

the nex thing i knew jake had me down on the ground trying to get me to stay still and leah on the ground to. bad idea. reneesme was trying to pull jake of me. but before she did he managed to get a hold of my neck and i could'nt breath.

reneesme' pov

jake get off i screamed your choking him. he got off them i took him and ran all the way to the house where mom and edward was. mom it seth jake got mad and started choking him. ok i'll see what i can do edward get the oxegen tube he's not breathing.

bella's pov

edward get me the oxegen tube he's not breathing. yes my love. here you go thank you. can you get carlilse on the phone. yes i can. now there he's breathing all we have to do is wait i think i heard jake,leah and the triplets. jake come hear and bring leah. leah yes carlilse comin with some stuff for him. okay can i see him yes he is not breathing on his own though. ok.
chapter 12
seth's pov

i woke up to a unfamiliar room. seth are you awake i heard sis say. y- i started to say but there was somthin in the way a tube down my throught. dont talk seth i will get bella and carlilse. he's awake she yelled out the door. hey carlilse get me some morphine. yes bella. seth this is going to hurt a little then the morphine should kick in. it hurt but like bella said only for a mineute. ok your all good you can talk now. where's jake. i banished him out of the room leah said jokingly. are you in any pain seth bella asked. a little why? i need to know if i need to up your meds. oh ok. get jake im expecting an apology. i dont think thats a good idea seth i heard carlilse say. you know considering you just woke up. fine i'll get it out of him later where's nessie down stairs you want me to get her. yes please......
im here reneesme said when she heard our descussion.
Love it. Keep more of it coming.
seth im sorry.

seth i should have been closer and he should not have done that i kept saying over. your not mad reneesme. no because you cant help it and she would like to see you she grows faster than i did she lookes fifteen years old but is only four days. little bella come here yes mom he wants to talk to you tell her seth just dont take it to no exteme level. i said.


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