The Twilight Saga

what id edward met bella when she was 10 years old and them meet when she is 19years old.

this is a two part story about bella and edward,edward is vampire and saves bella from a car crush that her mum died in and they become good friends even when she is 11 years old and when she is like 14 years old she has a crush on him and sooo on.



part two----edward comes back to forks after 5 years and bella is the only one who knows him and they fall inlove but the thought makes edward sick or he goes way and .....




notes---edward is vampire and 17 but really 109-more or less

bella is human and is uni when she meets him

alice is bestfriend but edward and alice arent related instead he has a sister called chrissy.

 everything else is the same.




what do u think?

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Sounds pretty interesting.

hi kelley


thank you soo much

Good Idea .

hi reka,


im glad you like it i will write soon

love the idea


hi habihah


omg can i just say i love you name and thank you.

hi everyone


thank you soo much unfortunely i cant write anymore tonight coz i have school tommorro and im meant to be at school but i will two chapters tomorro just  for my first reades and i hope you will give this story a chance.

It sounds ok. I'll have to read it first before I decide.


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