The Twilight Saga

What would the fans think if Bella chosen Jacob.

Bella and Jacob!

Bella and EDWARD!

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that's impossible!!!

i hate it wheneer that happens!!!

if so, then the story will not be nice...
The story would have ended a long time ago... There def wouldn't be 4 books and the fights that happen in the books wouldn't have happened... like Rensemes fight... or Bella saving Edwards life fight! It would have been very boring if I do say so myself!
Bella would have never picked the mutt cause she looked at him as nothing but a friend and a part of her family. She just wanted a big family that is why she let Jacob stick around. Edward and Bella were soul mates and u don't pick a non soul mate
*Slaps Bella* Yeah I'd totally hate Bella, plus if she chose Jacob everyone would die probs.... Volturi they expect Bella to be a vampire and if she chose Jacob that would never happen and after Bella died Edward would kill himself and the Cullens would probably fight the Volturi and the wolves would fight the Volturi for killing Bella so whoever was left would be very miserable...
Uh huh!!! Not's just so wrong...and if you think of it, the story is about the two of them...we have at least one whole book about ONLY Edward and Bella-Twilight. New Moon was about their time apart but Edward was never out of the picture and Bella always loved him. And in Eclipse it was the triangle...I'm sorry but no matter the friendship they had when Edward was away in New Moon no sensible writer would do such a huge mistake to erase a whole book. It was never a worry that Bella would leave Edward. It was just annoying having her playing it both ways you know...
i would be happy coz edward would be free
lol im kidding
i would so sad i might hate twilight and bella
i would have protested and would have most likely start to cry because edward is so much better than jacob.
ugh!! to even speak of it!!!


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