The Twilight Saga

i walk outside and found edward i lost the strenght in me last night so i was playing sick again. he looked at me confused you dont look very sick he said. oh uh i am i just have to go some where really important i said. are you playing hookie he asked  still confused. go ahead i will be right behind you iris said in my head . if i say yes will you take me to your place i need to talk with you and your family i said. why you know about jasper the risk he said. i know and dont really care about the risks i hear enough about them dont you think i said. fine ok ill take you dont get mad he said. i heard iris chuckle in her thoughts. we drove to his house. lil sis play hookie emmett asked playfully. she needs to go why didnt you make her rosalie said. i got serious as i felt iris' presence. whats up with her jasper asked. i opened the door and iris came in. what how did you know she waswe didnt edward said. i grinned still serious. iris laughed. lizzy got mad at edward she said. oh shut up or ill make youexplainwhy thats so funny i said. will someone explain to us please esme asked. i looked at iris. we cant tell you what we are inless theres a big threat torwards you from us iris said. so please take it seriously nathan i man thati knowfrom my past wants me back with him and now is threating to hurt you because i wont go back i said. and you played hookie to tell us this jasper asked. i played hookie because im weak from a fight we had last night and i need to be with you at all times incase he comes i said. who me i would never darling child nathan said. your here arent you i asked without turning around. ah yes but only because you spoke of me he said. to warn them about you.

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pretty good actually. interesting. some quatation marks would be helpful. other than that yhu did awesome. itz....different

i dont use them sry T_T

to warn them about me why nathan asked. because your threatning to kill them i said. that was the old me he said . i slowly turned to him. you will never change this imaganery person you randomly made up doesnt exist i said. his hand twitched. just the proof you can try you wont succeed i said. how did you he asked. I smiled. i do mimic if you havent forgot i am stronger than you in many ways because of this family and many others i said. if i remember right you killed the others nathan said. because of you i snapped.  thought you were stronger he said smiling.  no i said. no what my dear lizbeth he said. no im not playing your game i will not lose my temper to something that aint worth sand i said. ah tricky tricky you may be stronger in all but one way he said. hows that father my temper or your stupid worthless games i asked.  he chuckled. your right theres two he said. if we fight we fight fair i said moving my hands torward me.

just the same my dear he said. or is it i do have control over your powers now but you not of mine i said throwing him against the wall. he clenched his teeth. i weakened. i don't have to he said laughing. your still weak from my newborns he said kicking my right shin making me fall. iris grabbed him throwing him into the wall i may look sweet but i ain't precious she said kicking his face as he tired to fight come back when you want to fight fair she said watching him dissapear. i wont make you admit it she said laughing. like you could make me i said. if you two are done how do you plan on keeping eyes on us at school and work carlilse said. deriek is coming in as an intern under your name and iris is gonna become siarra a new student at school im gonna become best friends with her forcing you to like her to i said. nice iris said. best part deriek doesn't know yet i said. iris laughed.  oh I'm sure Edward just gonna love him iris said.  bout as much as he's gonna love the others i said agreeing with her. true he'll just have to deal with it she said.
i like it :)


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