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i love edward so much, but i cant decide why i love him so much. what do you think? please respond im so confussed

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wow i see some people hAVE a lot of things to say about edward in my disscussion.
Yup we all Love Edward..... Hes AMAZING
Well, why does a heroine addict take heroine? I LOVE Edward because I know he's what I want and the second thing I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's much better than Jacob in so many ways than one! As Bella says" He's even more unbeliveable behind the face".
He is hotter,more sensitive, and all around better !!!!!!!!!!! L: (Edwards crooked smile)
From a writing standpoint, it's because we identify with Bella and so we love him more because she does. Or that we are simply able to be objective and have decided that of the two, for whatever our personal reasons are, we believe that Edward is the better choice.

From a personal standpoint, I suspect that the character has some quality that appeals to each and every one of us--it might not be the same quality for each of us, but there is something about him that we each either admire or else want in our mates.
most all females love a romantic fairytale and edward is a beautiful and perfect prince in an intriguing vampiric way...


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