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i love edward so much, but i cant decide why i love him so much. what do you think? please respond im so confussed

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Because Edward is true love he and Bella are soulmates, she and Jake are not they were meant to be friends and Jake pushed it too far. Edward puts Bella's happiness above all else even if he ends up being wrong, he's always thinking of her. In our hearts from the start in Twilight we knew it would always be Bella and Edward. Edward is also a gentleman while Jake is not and in our world there are few gentlemen out there.
thanks for repliying i feel the same way on your coment do you want to add me as a friend
Omg I sooo agree wiv u Tai0316 x
SO SO SO SO SO SO TRUE! i mean, he has been around for quite a while but still, he was never in a relationship before... and for him to be THAT loving and everything that u just said, is just amazing. :}
Cuz he's an awesome guy sweet romantic and he respects bella and all women.
Edward - sweet, caring, honest and sexy guy we all look for in our teenage love years
Jacob - the sweet innocent boy that grew up into that bad boy we all are attracted too!
lol thats true too. hahaahah ;)
i like edward because his character is everything we as women want. someone true, someone loving and thoughtful, puts bella first. but he's also dangerous.. and sorta the bad boy that doesn't care what he has to do... as long as he has bella... all of this is hot to me...
Because edward treats bella like she is so very precious to him after he let her go the first time.
Bella felt such a passion for edward because he was her first love and you never forget your first true love.
Bella loves jacob, but once you have had the love Bella and Edward shared she knew that nothing else mattered,
but what her and edward shared couldn't compare.
Edward has had 80 years to read and make himself into the man hes become, He liked to read and to write the journals that were in his room.
He read many of the great romances and listened to them in his many experiences of being in High School over and over again that he retained all that information.
He also explained to bella in Twilight that he was a vampire and that everything aboout him was designed to draw her to him.
when stephanie wrote about edward she wrote about his character excellently.
He draws us in like a moth to his flame.
very true too. :)


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