The Twilight Saga

What do you think is the most playful or sexy moment in The Twilight Saga? It can be with any of the characters. Get creative with your opinions!

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i believe their first kiss in the first book Twilight, too much tension, too many expectations, too fragile, too much pain and lust
i loved that, when i saw the movie in theaters on the first day it came out, i was literally crying because i just couldnt stand the cliffhanger, lol
pain and lust...... i like how those words sound together.....
i adore all those, and they would all for sure be on my top 5 list of sexiest moments
me too
I like when she seduces him and the next morning she notices that he broke the headboard. I pray to God that is in the movie. lol
I was thinking the same thing. That would be so awesome, but they could leave out the whole pillow biting thing. Something just seems off abou that.
i agree, i got that, but it seemed confusing and like the line just shouldnt hav been there...
yessssss, i realllly hope that it will be rated r. the twihards want to see sex and renesmee coming out, am i right?? LOL but i do hope that they will hav that scene
I like all the parts that they are getting intimate. There is something to say for going just to the brink and pulling yourself back. The control and the love Edward has with Bella would definately kill any other human male. :) I guess what I am trying to say is the anticipation of the actual act.


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