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What do you think is the most playful or sexy moment in The Twilight Saga? It can be with any of the characters. Get creative with your opinions!

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i think that part is one of the sexiest too. i was like wow...bella and edward...hee hee i thought how she seduced him was really funny too. but i also like the parts on the golden bed lol
i loved when she tried to seduce him. the first time i read eclipse, i was all like "she is not.... omg she is...." i had to re-read it like 10 more times lol
yeah, I love that part too
i was lik "my god, she really is. i cant believe it"
I loved that part.
i like in eclipse where they r in his bedroom and the other time where thier kissing and rolling around...or was tht the same part idk
i absolutely love that part. playful and adorable <3
I loved the moment when Edward confessed to Bella that He's jealous to human..and cute..
But I do loved their moment in their meadow when Edward tells Bella that their deal is over..and ready to fulfill Bella's condition, but Bella rejected Him and wants to do everything in the right way..(It's kinda cool to see how Edward so amazed by Bella)
I adore that part. There is Edward, about to have sex with Bella, and she says no! That doesn't only express an amazing scene, but it shows how much Bella cares about Alice and Edward and how much she wants to fufull their want for the perfect wedding :)
and in BD, when bella's trying to show him the picture frm her shield, and edward kisses her and makes her lose it, and he was like "damn it".... love when edward expresses the (like you said) more agressive and sexy side. i mean hes always sexy but u kno... the untamed side ;)
I am with you on this one Aileen. I just loved that part.


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