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What do you think is the most playful or sexy moment in The Twilight Saga? It can be with any of the characters. Get creative with your opinions!

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The thing is- to cut out that intimate scene and the Birth of Nessie would be a crime! They are like 2 of the 3 important things in the book. The third being Bellas transformation. SO i hope its a 15! ;) (I live in england so im supposing that Rated R is liek a 15)
I like all the parts that they are getting intimate. There is something to say for going just to the brink and pulling yourself back. The control and the love Edward has with Bella would definately kill any other human male. :) I guess what I am trying to say is the anticipation of the actual act.
I have to agree with the anticipation factor. Love that, there is so much of it in the series and it is part of what I love about the books.
I like when bella wakes up crying b/c her dream ended and she just unleashes everything its so intimate and sexy she did it right
i loveee that part, and i love how edward eventually gives in.... talk about edward being turned on!! LOL
i agree... the scene on the golden bed..i was like go bella gooo!! hahahahah..but yea in the medow when he gave in i imagined his bella's got alot of will power she's so amazing to put her want which was right infront of a side so she can fullfil his want of getting married first...LOOOOOVE IIIIT
bella completely puts her foot down, i love how she starts taking control :D
I cant really imagine Kristen Stewart in those lingerie things that Alice packed for Bella xD
That would be weird to see!!
i agree i love those scenes from isle esme and the golden bed. their classics!! ;)
FOR ME THE PART WHEN EDWARD COME FROM HUNTING.. And the room was dark.. And suddenly she felt He was there jst next to her.. And brushing his lips on her skin.. And touching her back,hip,leg... And pulling her leg on his body side... Cud u guys got tht wht Edward was feeling,and let bella feel,, they were feeling all the parts of body.. I thnk not only Bella but also me was feeling EDWARD..
I mean the 2nd day when she was kidnapped,at night in his room in eclipse..
i llove all the seduction parts and the times when Edward and Bella are alone. Those parts are so intense, because when i first read them I didnt know if it was going to happen or not. even though it didnt happen they were still never intense!


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