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What is your favorite quote in either Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn? It doesn't even have to be an "official quote (and so the lion fell in love with the lamb)", it can just be a random line that you like. Also, please explain why it is your absolute favorite <3

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yes. what is on the back of Breaking Dawn. It speaks so much, in that tiny paragraph.
Amazing quote, isn't it? i honestly do not understand why girls like Jacob. first of all, he is selfish, rude, and wants Bella all to himself. He doesn't understand that Bella just simply cannot live without Edward. Jacob is an overgrown (or extremely overgrown lol) child, who knows nothing about true love, until he meets Nessie. But that just happens, it all clicks together all of a sudden, so he never actually figured it out, and went through the pain that both Edward and Bella did to keep their perfect relationship together. And it was actually Jacob's fault that The Volturi were provoked. If only it were Bella who picked up the phone instead of Jacob... just a few hostile words can ruin everything. I despise Jacob until Breaking Dawn, because of his respect for Edward, finally, and also how much he loves Nessie, but he can't help that, for imprinting is strong. What I'm also saying is that if Jacob did fall in love with Nessie, but he didn't imprint, he couldn't give her half the love that Edward expresses fo Bella. Again, Jacob is a child who doesn't tuly understand love, and only does because of the way imprinting works. But what is not to love about a loving, protective, modest and beautiful vampire?
(sorry this is so long. I could go on forever and ever and ever......)
"Now you know. No one’s ever loved anyone as much as I love you." Bella to Edward at the end of Breaking Dawn :'(
YESSSSSSSS i absolutely love that one <3
the last pge of BD made me cry so much......
omg, i was crying my eyes out too, but i also thought it was the cheesiest and sweetest thing evar....
ooh, that was put well. also, without Jacob screwing up Bella and Edward's relationship it wouldn't be much of a story.
agreed. i still despise him, tho. respect him, but despise him.
agreed. again, wouldn't be much without him, just another love story between two people. love triangles are the most powerful.
lol, luv that
that part always made me laugh
My favorite quote is "Why am I covered in feathers?" from Breaking Dawn because I think it's funny.


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