The Twilight Saga

For me



When Mike wuz takin Bella 2 d nurse n Edward took over n told him 2 go back 2 class n Mike's like "I'm supposed 2 take her" like some whiney 5 year old LOL


New Moon:

Mike, Bella n Jake @ d movies... nuff said :-D


Idk y but I just luved Marcus... I fined his "boredom" hilarious n Aro's... eccentricity LOL


(The movie) @ Bella's birthday party wen Emmett nudged Edward n wuz like "Dating an older woman... hot" HAHAHAHAHA



Wen Bella wuz tryin 2 get Edward 2 'do the dirty' :-) n she started takin off her clothes n Edward's like "Would you please stop trying to take off your clothes" n she goes "Do you wanna do that part" HAHAHAHAHA

Wen Bella punched Jacob after he kissed her, n they got in the car she asks Jacob "Didn't I hurt you at all?" n he goes "Are you kidding? If you hadn't screamed I wouldnt've figured out that you were trying to punch me" LOL


Wen Edward told Jacob "If you ever bring her back damaged again - and I don't care whose fault it is; I don't care if she merely trips or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head - if you return her to me in less than the perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel?" LMAO LUV IT!!!!!!!!


OMG Wen Charlie wuz giving Bella a "sex talk" I nearly died laffing HAHAHAHAHA


Breaking Dawn:

Edward n Bella the morning after... :-) Edward biting the pillow n he wuz all upset cuz he hurt her n Bella's like "You are killing my buzz Edward" LOL


Emmett's comments about Bella n Edward's sex life... HILARIOUS!!!!! "What were you doing, discussing the national debt?" ROFL


The blonde jokes between Rose n Jake... everything between Rose n Jake wuz funny LOL


@ d "non-battle" wen Caius wuz sayin d Cullens should b killed cuz they're frenz wid d "children of the moon" n Aro, I think, holds down his head n Edward pointed out that it wuz daytime...


among many others... :-D

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really to me Breaking Dawn was the funniest and Jacob was a riot!!!! But I especially liked the comment Bella made to herself in Twilight "Mike who was taking on qualities of a golden retriever,walked faithfully by my side to class. That was hilarious
Breaking Dawn was sooo funny... I loved it when Bella found out that Jake imprinted with Nessie, then when she hears the pet the Loch Ness Monster!!!! ROFL
i agree with all this! awww memories lol
When Rose takes the mixing bowl and bends into the shape of a dog bowl and scratches Fido on it that was hilarious
LOL Luved that :-D n wen Jake hit her in d head wid it... HAHAHAHAHA

When Bella was frezzing in the tent and jacob came in and said, "you would warm up faster if you took your clothes off"


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