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What reasons do you think people have for being on Team Edward besides the fact that hes sexy?!

I think Edward is very sexy but I also think hes very loving, kind, and understanding. He punishes himself a lot because he thinks the creature that he is, is evil and doesn't have a soul.

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I'm on Team Edward because of the way He loves Bella uncondisionaly and he's so HOT!!!!
me too

That's funny. But which one is realy your favorite?


she's likes me...(her boyfriend).
He loves Bella more than his own life and I think that almost every single girl on the planet- may she be a emo a tomboy a girly girl or whatever- dreams of a boy like this who will love her to the end of the world.... :)
im on Team Edward because of the way he interacts with his family and Bella. I also joined because of the way he tries to protect bella and her family too. You dont find most guys like that these days.
i think it is because he is very protective and cares about you and hell do anything for you.. even die
I'm Team Edward because he is pretty much the perfect man. (if only he were real) He loves Bella the way a girl needs to be loved and even though the fact that he has money doesn't hurt, a girl needs mental stimulation too. The fact that he is cold as ice isn't exactly a down side for someone who lives in Texas and has to sweat threw these hot summers.
Also I'm team Edward because my fiance just feels the need to be team Jacob and I hate fleas.
LOL. I haven't herd that one yet. I would rather be a vampire than a wolf.

At first, I never like anyone, because they're "sexy" I saw him act absolutley incredulous. I'd rather date an guy born in 1901, with some respect, other than a "homeboy", born in the 1990's. I really can't explain.






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