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What reasons do you think people have for being on Team Edward besides the fact that hes sexy?!

I think Edward is very sexy but I also think hes very loving, kind, and understanding. He punishes himself a lot because he thinks the creature that he is, is evil and doesn't have a soul.

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I know what you mean. I'd rather date someone who has manners than act like a thug.
I love Edward, because he is the way you want a man to be.  Loving, kind, gentle, caring, and he is just georgous.  Love you Edward Cullen.
I honestly do love Edward and the thought of him as much as the next girl, but we do still know that he is a fictional idea of what a real man should be and not a real man right? and he only looks as good as our minds can imagine him or as R.Patz can portray him.
Lauree I totally agree with you,  he is fictional, but boy, his character is just loveable, and he plays him so well.  I do not think that character would suit any other actor.  Can you imagine someone else playing Edward, no way.  Edward may be the character out of a book, but what a character he is. 
R.Patz is pretty sexy for a man coming from the country that gave the inspiration for Austin Powers, but I guess I am a realist, and considering I'm a mother of 2 and not a teenager like the majority of our peers on this wonderful site I do get that no matter how much I wish on my lucky starts my man is not going to magicaly turn into him/Edward. And who knows if one day I ever get to be luck enough to run into him at the Buddy Holley museum I'm sure we will not fall in love and live happily every after. I am very pro Robsten and hope that they are very happy together for as long as they last.

Because simply he has everything a girl needs, everything a girl wants!!!!!

He is romantic, kind, gentleman, beautiful, careing, he loves uncondisionaly, he respects his family and Bella's opinion!!


YES!!!! Wish my fieonce' was like that.
You are not alone in this Samantha. All of us wish our boyfriend to be like Edward!!
Im Team Edward because of the way he loves Bella regardless of anything. He would let her go if that was the most imporant thing to do. He loves her with everything that he has. I love Edward for that!


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