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I was just wanting to know, what do you prefer. Do y'all like narrarated or point of view stories. I personal like POint of View stories better, but I want to know which is your favorite.




Point of View === I walked down the road

Narrarated === She walked down the road


     Thanks for your time!! Yours truly -Shelby

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Point of View
Point of View
Shelby, I like point of view much better than narrated. When I write, I find myself writing in point of view (first person). I think it's better to be able to get into one person's head thoroughly, than it is to be into everyone's head superficially.
point of view! :)
i like point of view. :)
I used to prefer Point of View, but then I read some great Narrated stories that really get into the characters' heads just as thoroughly as if you were reading it in first person. So it doesn't matter to me anymore, as long as it's well written. :]

point of view.. :)


point of view perfuribly first person but read third person is good also also lol!
point of view
It doesnt matter to me. As long as it is interesting and entertaining, I'll read it.

point of view




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