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What was your reaction when you first heard that twilight will be made into a movie and what was your reaction when you heard that rob pattz will be playing the dreamy Edward Cullen

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I didn't know that Twilight was based from a book until after I saw the movie. Now I have all the books and have read them all and plan to read them over again. =) I think Rob P. plays a perfect Edward.
I had read the first 3 books (as BD wasn't out yet) before I knew there was a movie coming out, and it was a few weeks after I finished Eclipse that I overheard a couple of classmates talking about some Twilight trailer that just came out. In my head I'm like, "Twilight? No. Way." (Mind you, this was way before everybody was talking about the series, so when they mentioned it was a 'Twilight' trailer, I just knew they were talking about "my Twilight" and I freaked out inside. lol) So of course the first thing I did when I got home was looked it up online, and when I saw that trailer, and first saw Robert Pattinson (who I only knew from HP) as Edward Cullen, I just knew they had it right; and I've yet to be disappointed by him. :]

...I think I watched that trailer over a hundred times over the course of the next week. It was very exciting and it was only a puny little teaser trailer. :D
Unfortunately Twilight and New Moon was already made into a movie after I discovered it...It was coming on one of the movie channels and I said to my husband I am going to attempt to watch this movie so I could see what my friends n family members were talking about...Once I watched Twilight I was hooked I watched it over and over again I still do till this day.. Then i watched New Moon and was even more in Love with it. So I asked if I could borrow the books from a family member I finished reading them all within 4 days I couldnt put them down.I knew then that I was completely obssesed with the series. I went out and bought all the books n have re-read them over a thousand times if not more. I continue to get several more people hooked on the Twilight Saga n my best friend is almost as obsessed as I am. As for Rob Pattinson playing Edward I dont think there could be anyone else better for the role he is perfect in everyway, I cant envision anyone else playing Edward Cullen its just not possible! Team Rob all the way! lol
I Love that you love the books. I've also read them over and over. I was out of work ith surgery and one of my co-workers said read this series while your out you'll love it, and I did. Right after I read BD, I heard they were making the first movie. I am so obsessed and so are all the girls at work I also watch the movies all the time. If you want some good reading about Twilight read some of the fanfiction at there are some great ones there. There couldn't be a better Edward than Rob, never, he fits the part perfectly!!!
I was estatic.


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