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I mean guy's, only two movies to go and the Twilight Saga movie is done. What will happen then? Will the fans will scream for more?, or they will just forget how the Twilight Saga has touched our lives? I am quite scared that someday when we say Twilight or Robward, people is not bothered anymore.
I just want to know your opinions about that. Thanks! and more powers to Team Edward/Rob!

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I totally agree with you guys. No matter what happen we will be the No. 1 fan of the Twilight Saga.. I hope SM will finished writing Midnight Sun soon. SM said that she is not writing MS now. She will write if the Twilight Saga is not so popular than now. Dvd for New Moon is a wonderful gift to us this Christmas, but i guess we have to wait for the release.
i dont know i dont want the twilight saga movies to end:( they are so awsome and they'll make breaking dawn into 2 movies so idont know about that! and than they said that they make the HOST a movie i never read thebook i want to so yea GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know but I'm afraid it's going m to be pretty boring without something to look forward to but if she does another bok about it it might be to much then what
I agree, actually it's quite big problem cuz as you all know we love Twilight soo much, books will always stay but movies... there are soo many new movies and the old ones just go away.. of course we can always watch them but it's not the same anymore then. I hope that Stephenie Meyer will write so many new books that we all going to love as much as we love Twilight and maybe there come new movies of those books too :)
yeah... thinking of it giveS me gooSebumpS... i really wiSh Stephenie decideS to finiSh the midnight Sun... and i think it will be a very good SuggeStion if they made a movie of each of the cullenS originS... i find thiS SuggeStion cool.... i found it in one diScuSSion in thiS would be great!!!
Hey, I think that would be great!!
You're right. The last thing I want to happen is that everyone will forget what happened here.
I think people's reaction after the two films will cry out for more. i hope that then Stephanie take out the Midnight Sun. some of you said.. even if the movies end there are always books to hold on to...i love reading them and as well as watching the movies..its amazing how touching and real it all seems even ho we al know its i ever saw or read i would really love to read the continuous part of Renesme and Jacob.and their life..but i admit i don't have big hopes about that...but i just know that whatever i read from stephanie meyer will be just as breath taking as twilight..:)))
maybe thy will start a tv show about Twilight ...i'd watch it ..i'm others wood just ta keep it going...


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